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バイキチ (JAPAN)


Nostalgic Hero (JAPAN)

Event: July 4th (Sat) at YC&AC in Yokohama

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4th Annual Rock & Roll Independence Day (event)
Location: YC&AC (link)
Date: Saturday July 4, 2015 (Rain or Shine)
Time: 11:00AM ‘TIL LATE
Admission: FREE

Next month on July 4, 2015 (Sat) at YC&AC is the Rock-n-Roll Independence Day event. It will take place on the Yokohama Athletic and Country Club grounds (same place as last year). MOONEYES will be there all day. The event will host a small car show, tons of live bands, DJ Eddie Ugata spinning cool surf/rock classics. Of course, it’s July 4th weekend so there will be great American foods and drinks, craft beers and tons of fun for the whole family. There’s no admission fee (entry is FREE) and lasts all day so head on down to YC&AC! Check the poster for more information. We highly recommend using public transportation as there will be no parking at the event area and outside public parking is hard to find.

MOONEYES Steve Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Trip 2015

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On June 6 (Sat) and June 7 (Sun), MOONEYES Steve attended Art of Speed Malaysia 2015 along with Shige-san and Wildman. You say their blog posts last week and now, Steve has posted his web report with a ton of images from this amazing event. Please enjoy the report and gallery (in English and Japanese).


Thank You for Your Support!

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From sales of our “GOKIGENYO” GQQD DAY charity bumper sticker and MQQN TANK collection at MOONEYES Area-1, we are proud to have raised and donated 230,519yen to the Sendai earthquake relief. Thank you to everyone for your support and contributions.

Online Shop Exclusive Hula MQQN Monstera T-shirt Special!

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Here in Yokohama the raining season continues with periodic showers. However, we have been lucky this year as there have been clear sunny days as well. Summer is just around the corner. This week we have a new campaign featuring a Hula MQQN Monstera T-Shirt available in 10 assorted colors. This is a web-only online store limited edition. Men, Women and kids sizes are available so you can get matching colors for the entire family! Start off summer together and enjoy! We will accept orders until June 30 (Tue). Orders must be paid by the expiration date. All orders will ship by mid-July. If you have specific questions, please fee free to let us know.

*Deadline Date/Campaign Ends: Tuesday June 30, 2015
*Web-only Online Store orders only
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Artwork Design by Wildman
Material: 100% Cotton

Men’s T-shirt (TM668) PRICE: 1,800 Yen (plus tax)
Men’s Size: S, M, L, XL

Kids T-shirt (TMC668) PRICE: 1,600 Yen (plus tax)
Kids: S(120), M(140), L(160)



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The Japanese professional baseball season has begun! YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS has teamed up with MQQNEYES Wildman for more cool designs this year. Be sure to check out MQQNEYES and YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS 2015 season products. Unfortunately, these are not available from our online store and only available at the MOONEYES Area-1 shop in Honmoku, Yokohama.

Yokohama DeNA Baystars

Unfortunately, these items are available at our retail store MOONEYES Area-1 in Honmoku, Yokohama.
Very limited supply. Wildman designed MQQNEYES X YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS items for the 2015 season! Go! with MOON! Go! with YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS!

[KGDB018BK] DB×MO Connection Work Shirt / 7,222Yen (plus tax)
[KGDB019NY] DB×MO Connection Polo Shirt / 4,537Yen (plus tax)
[KGDB020] DB×MO Connection T-shirt / 3,333Yen (plus tax)
[KGDB023] DB×MO Connection Tote Bag / 2,130Yen (plus tax)
[KGDB024] DB×MO Connection Towel / 2,037Yen (plus tax)
[KGDB025] DB×MO Connection Wristband / 880Yen (plus tax)
[KGDB026] DB×MO Connection Parka Shirt / 7,222Yen (plus tax)
[KGDB028BK] DB×MO Connection Parka T-shirt / 3,333Yen (plus tax)

Eat at MOON Cafe (June 2015)


MOON CAFE MONTHLY SPECIAL MENU JUNE 2015 Moon Cafe Huli Huli Chicken . . . . . 1,200yen (+tax)

Hawaii style open grilled chicken sizzles with flavor and spices. “Huli” in Hawaiian means “turn” which is the cooking method as the grilled chicken is turned over and over until done. The tender (Continue…)

Fathers Day Special Select Items

Sunday June 14 is Fathers Day. If you are looking for the coolest present for Dad, look no further than MOONEYES! We have put together our top picks for Fathers Day gifts. Order today to receive it on time!

We also have a Fathers Day Special Sale taking place right now! From June (Continue…)

Visit MOONEYES Honmoku, Yokohama

We posted another short clip this week titled, “MQQNEYES HONMOKU, YOKOHAMA” on our YouTube channel which features MOONEYES Area-1 shop, MOON Cafe and MOON Garage. For those that are not able to see our shop or haven’t been here in a while, this is a great 2.5 minute clip to view. Of course, (Continue…)

MOONEYES September Events

Dates are set for two MOONEYES events coming up in September. Sunday September 6, 2015 is the 10th Anniversary Motorcycle Swap Meet & Hot Summer Cruise in Odaiba, Tokyo. Then on Sunday September 27, 2015 is the 18th Annual All Odds Nationals – also in Odaiba, Tokyo. Both events will be held in (Continue…)

Online Store Exclusive Hula MOON Polo

This week, we kick of a special mail order (web order) only limited edition Hula MQQN Polo Shirt campaign. Wildman designed HULA MOON logo printed on a polo shirt, available in a variety of colors. These shirts are made-to-order for this campaign only. Place an order and be sure to pay once we (Continue…)