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Moon on the Mag 02/06

Wild Motorcycles (France)


30th Anniversary
MOONEYES Street Car Nationals®

Date: Sunday May 15, 2016 (Rain or Shine)
Location: Odaiba, Tokyo AOMI Parking Lot N.O.P (same as last year)

Rat Fink Fever Dumb Junk Catalog

Spring 2016 to Autumn 2016
Check out all the new character goods and items. It’s a FREE catalog! This will be added to your online order – while supplies last! You can also pick one up at MOONEYES Area-1 in Honmoku, Yokohama.

Moon Cafe Monthly Special (FEB2016)

Moon Cafe Monthly Special Burger – February 2016
Raspberry Bacon Burger . . . . . 1,200yen (+tax)
Includes a Drink

Everyone loves a bacon burger. The homemade patty from MOON Cafe is like no other. The taste of an American burger, properly flame grilled to perfection and filled with lasting flavor. When it’s topped with sizzling sliced bacon, it raises that level up a notch. But this month, the bacon burger is on a whole new level. The sweet and sour flavor of our special raspberry sauce creates a dimensional twist sending your taste buds on a wild ride. This month’s burger isn’t just good. It’s Raz-very Good! Try this month at MOON Cafe in Honmoku, Yokohama.

MOON Cafe. Where Food is Fun!

Moon Cafe Monthly Special Plate – February 2016
Oyster Garlic Ono Ono . . . . . 1,200yen (+tax)
Includes a Drink

One of MOON Cafe’s house favorites is the Ono Ono plate which is served with eggs (scrambled by default), two scoops of white steamed rice and spam/luncheon meat. This month, the meat is cooked with cabbage, garlic and oyster sauce! This combination can only be ordered this month and the taste is something you don’t want to miss. The eggs can be cooked scrambled, sunny side up, over easy or just let them know. It also comes with a side of coleslaw.

MOON Cafe. Where Food is Fun!

Moon on the Mag 01/23

Primary (JAPAN)

25th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2016

Banner image
We announced last month at the end of the year that the date for the 25th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2016 was confirmed for Sunday December 4, 2016. That has not changed and we will continue the campaign to keep the noise pollution down around the vicinity of the event area. Two years ago, we began the campaign with “Be Calm Not Loud – SHIZUKANI” and last year we use the slogan “SAVE THE YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW”. The campaign slogan this year is, “Respect Our Kulture – MAMOROH!” which you may have seen posted on Mooneyes Express Blog by Shige Suganuma. The Japanese word MAMOROH means to honor and protect or abide by the rules, hence respect the kulture we care about. We will carry this campaign through the year until our show in December.

Planning has already started for the 25th Anniversary HCS2016 as well. It was posted today on Mooneyes Express Blog by Shige Suganuma. This year for automobiles, we will keep it simple and stick to our title with the theme “Hot Rod & Custom”. For motorcycles, the theme will be “Triumph Chopper”. There might be more as planning unfolds but we have decided on a custom paint theme this year. “Cut Out” signboards (max size being 50cm x 50cm). More details will come later. Example signboards are posted on Mooneyes Express Blog.

Mooneyes Express Blog:
Official Website: HCS2016:

MQQN Equipped Umbrella – Special Sale Price!

Banner image
MOON Equipped Umbrella Special Price!
Everyone should have a cool umbrella. Use it during the rainy season or to keep the yourself in the shade during a sunny day. Why not have the coolest umbrella with a Moon Equipped Umbrella! For a limited item only, the MQQN Equipped Umbrella is slashed to 50% OFF! There are only a few left in stock. Get your MOON Equipped Umbrella before they are gone.

Order Today:

Moon Cafe Monthly Specials: January 2016

Moon Cafe Monthly Special Burger – January 2016 Avocado Garlic Burger . . . . . 1,200yen (+tax) Includes a Drink

Don’t let the mild appearance fool you. Once you take a bite into this burger, you will feel the slight sensation that can possibly be described as a chemical reaction of flavor. (Continue…)

Mooneyes Area-1 Winter Sale

Mooneyes Area-1 Winter Sale has started! When you purchase 2 select items, you will receive 20% OFF and when you purchase 3 select items, you will receive 30% OFF. Sweatshirts, jackets, parkas, long sleeve T-shirts and more. Head into MOONEYES Area-1 in Honmoku, Yokohama before they are gone!

Sale Period: Saturday January 9, (Continue…)


A special sale tomorrow at MOONEYES Area-1 shop and our online stores, 25% OFF on our MQQN NEON CLOCK! Only a limited supply available for this sale. The cool plastic body octagon shape keeps this clock light for wall mounting without any major issues. It features the MQQN logo and of course the (Continue…)


Lightning (JAPAN) モーターヘッド (JAPAN)

MOONEYES Countdown Party 2016

Come and join us at MOONEYES AREA-1 on December 31 (Thursday) MQQNEYES Countdown Party December 31 at MOONEYES Area-1 MOON Cafe will be open until 1AM Map to MOON: