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MOONEYES Staff/MOON Cafe Kouji’s USA Trip Report

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A couple weeks ago, MOONEYES STAFF Kouji attended the MOONEYES USA Open House. Being the manager of MQQN Cafe in Honmoku, Yokohama, he not only flipped some world famous Chico’s Burgers during the event, he also visited a few places for tasting some American goodness. Kouji made his USA Trip Report and we have posted it with a great number of photos online. Please enjoy!


MOON Motorcycle Gallery

We updated the MOON Custom Cycle Shop (MCCS) motorcycle gallery recently as well as made one for MOONEYES USA. If you view the gallery on MOONEYES USA, you’ll notice links that go to the USA website. Either way, updated photos are great to see. Check it out!

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MOON Machine
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California Blue
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Banana Gold
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Orange Krate
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Easy Twin
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Easy Four
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Freakin’ Four
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Kalifornia Lime
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Elegant Four
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HCS2015 Official Guests Update – July 2015

We’ve breached the 5 month mark! In less than five months, the 24th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2015 will take place at Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama, Japan on Sunday December 6, 2015. For those of you traveling from abroad, don’t forget to make your reservations early. Advance tickets for general admission will go on sale from October 1, 2015 from our website just as they did last year. If this is your first time, we’ll make the official announcement in coming months. Speaking of announcements, we have an official guest update as of July 2015. There are still more guests to be announced and it’s going to be an incredible show! Don’t miss it this year and be sure to get here to HCS2015!
HCS2015 Official Website:

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Tom Foster
1952 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe “Cracker Box”
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Ryan Grossman/Vintage Dreams
1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead
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Oliver Jones/The Cut Rate
1969 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead
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Mark Drews
1954 Harley-Davidson Panhead
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Jason Webber/ATR
1951 Harley-Davidson Panhead
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Jeff Leighton/The Wretched Hive
1950 Triumph 650 Pre Unit
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Scott Stopnik/Cycle Zombies
1949 Harley-Davidson Panhead
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Arie Vanschyndel/VEE Mfg.
1950 Harley-Davidson Panhead
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Andy Carter/Pangea Speed
2015 Harley-Davidson Evo Sportster
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Steve Caballero
Legendary Pro Skateboarder


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For those of you that are here in Yokohama, we have special treat as MQQNEYES X YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS limited edition items have arrived! Wildman designed themes for Yokohama’s favorite professional baseball team, the YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS are available at MOONEYES Area-1 in Honmoku, Yokohama. These are very limited in quantity and only available at our store. Drop in and pick up yours today!

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MOONEYES Area-1 Limited Buy 2 Get 1 Free Campaign

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The rain from last week in Yokohama has seemed to let up this weekend with warm weather and sunny skies. It starting to look a lot like summer is upon us. For those of you looking forward to the summer days, MOONEYES Area-1 has the campaign for you! The popular “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” campaign is here! T-shirts or Caps, when you purchase two, you can get one (for equal or lesser value) absolutely free!
*This campaign does not include on-sale items
*Sale is limited to available in-stock items only

MOONEYES Steve’s Born Free 7 Trip Report & Gallery

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At the end of June in Southern California, the 2-day motorcycle show, BORN FREE took place in Oak Canyon Ranch. MOONEYES Staff Steve was there and presents his report and gallery with heaps of photos from the event including officially announced guest motorcycles for HCS2015. Be sure to browse through and enjoy the online gallery.

View Report & Gallery:

Pan-Sumi’s Blog: Just Between You and MQQN

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New blog! MOON Space Agency “Pan-Sumi” begins his own blog titled, Pan-Sumi’s Just Between You and MOON” with off topic related topics. Cars, motorcycles, MQQN Cafe, events and commentary only from the mind of Pan-Sumi. Be sure to check it out for never before scene photos under the MOON umbrella.

View (in Japanese):

MOONEYES Original “UCHIWA” Present Campaign

MOONEYES UCHIWA Campaign: “Save the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show” begins now! When you purchase 3,000yen or more at MOONEYES Area-1 shop, MQQN Cafe or any of our online stores, you will also receive a special not-for-sale limited edition UCHIWA (Japanese hand fan) featuring “SAVE THE YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW” on it. (Continue…)

MQQN Cafe Monthly Specials: July 2015

July brings us new specials at MQQN Cafe. The monthly special burger has been extremely popular and many customers are coming back each month (some each week) just for the burger. Thank you to everyone for coming each time to MOON Cafe. For that, we continue with another MQQN Cafe Original Monthly Special (Continue…)


It’s starting to look and feel like summer has arrived here in Yokohama. The sun is out and the sky is blue. We have just the news for you! As you may know, we started our 2015 campaign to minimize the noise pollution during our show in December. “Save The Hot Rod Custom (Continue…)


Special Announcement for Drivers here in Yokohama. Come on into MOONEYES Area-1 and pick up your own special gas station discount card. This “GS” Discount Campaign begins today and runs until March 31, 2015. It’s exclusive to two ENEOS gas stations located in Minto-Mirai (Yokohama) area but gets you 7yen/liter off their listed (Continue…)

MOON On The Mag: Features

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