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Honmoku Street BEER-1 GP

Banner imageHonmoku Street Beer-1 Grand Prix
June 1 (Sat) through June 30 (Sun)During the month of June 2013 Honmoku is have a special Beer event called “Honmoku Street Beer-1 Grand Prix”. They have selected 19 shops that serve beer as part of this stamp-rally beer event. Moon Cafe is one of the shops! More information is posted on their official blog (in Japanese) or visit our website.
The event is a Stamp Rally type of event, where you go to each of the participating locations and get a stamp. Your goal is to collect at least three of the stamps out of the 19 available shops and have great beer at many different locations along the way. After the stamps are collected, you turn it in with feedback/rating of the places you visited and a drawing is held at the end where you can win a special present. For more details, please see one of the participating shops.

Participating Shop List:
(1.) やき鳥 [纏]/Yakitori shop “Ten”;
(2.) 中国料理 [長白山]/Chinese Restaurant “Chohakusan”;
(3.) 焼鳥・うなぎ [鳥京]/Yakitori & Unagi shop “Torikyo”;
(4.) [花夏彩] (かなや)/Kanaya;
(5.) ビストロ [HOTBA]/Bistro “Hotba”;
(6.) 飲の処 [彩咲]/Bar “Saisa”;
(7.) [TERU LISTA]/Italian Restaurant “Teru Lista”;
(8.) 和イタリアンバル [風我]/Italian Restaurant “Fuga”;
(9.) 居酒屋 [弁慶]/Izakaya “Benken”;
(10.) レストラン [松山]/Restaurant “Matsuyama”;
(11.) [Bloom CAFE & DINER];
(12.) [本牧きんちゃん]/Okonomiyaki “Honmoku Kinchan”;
(13.) [本牧イタリアンガーデン] (I.G)/Italian Garden “I.G”;
(14.) [Moon Cafe];
(15.) [Bon appetie] (ボナペティ);
(16.) [なか坊餃子]/Japanese Restaurant “Nakabo Gyoza”;
(17.) [本牧ハローカフェ]/Honmoku Hello Cafe;
(18.) 焼肉 [千山閣]/Yakiniku “Senzankaku”;
(19.) [Boogie Cafe];

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