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11th - 14th APRIL 2019
From April 11th (Thu) ~ April 14th(Sun) at Setagaya school the first Letterheads in Asia will be hold! MOONEYES is schgeduled to participate in the event. We will announce as it is decided!

If you have interest to sign paintinh, please come and visit. Please check the details of the event and the admission ticket on Tokyo Letterheads Official Website.

【Below Official Website Quotation】

We are very happy to announce that we are bringing the Letterheads event to Tokyo, Japan in 2019!
4 days of painting and learning with old and new friends from around the world. From beginners to professionals, everyone is welcome to this event. There will be workshops, an exhibition, demonstrations, an auction and a lot of other things. Tickets are limited so please make sure you get your ticket in time as the tickets will most likely go quick.

Get your tickets here!
Please check our Facebook event to keep updated on the event

Tokyo letterheads
・Day : 2019/4/11(Thu) - 4/14(Sun)

● 11th (Thu) 09:00am - 7:00pm
● 12th (Fri) 09:00am - 7:00pm
● 13th (Sat) 09:00am - 7:00pm
● 14th (Mon) 10:00am - 5:00pm

・Event venue : IID - Ikejiri Institute of Design

● All day pass (4day) : $270
● Weekend pass (13th - 14th):$160
Sold only by Official Website:
・Organized by:Letterboy / Taku Izawa (and Supply Inc.)

Official HP・Social Media
Facebook :
Instagram :
Hashtag: #TokyoLetterheads

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by Shige Suganuma
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Southern California Style offered by
MOONEYES's retail shop
MOONEYES Area-1(Area-1) has opened in Honmoku Yokohama in the year 1991. As you once step into Area-1, it's Southern California. Many auto parts, MOONEYES original wear and goods. You will definitely find the thing you want. Take your time and enjoy the atmosphere. MOONEYES Area-1 is a shop that will support your California Car Life.
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Where Food is Fun
'60s Style Coffee Shop
Large window that jut slanting out to the sky, stone wall that is build up outside the cafe and green placed everywhere gives you an image of '60s USA Coffee Shop, that is MOON Cafe. It is only MOON Cafe where you can listen to Hawaiian Music and taste the wonderful Southern Local Foods & Burger. Please try the burger and Hawaiian & Mexican Food we are proud of. MOON Cafe's dessert Mihashi Apple Pie is exquisite.
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Project Car & Motorcycle
You can check out the Car & Motorcycle that is produced by MOONEYES.Car that will produce onward will be added here.
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Event Report & Trip Report
You can see the Event Report and Trip Report by MOONEYES STAFF's experience from oversea trip.
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Check the FOR SALE CAR information!
You can check the MOONEYES selected and imported cars here. Suddenly, you might find the car For Sale so, frequently check this page.
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