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VANS X MOONEYES Collaboration Shoes VANS X MOON Automotive 2020 Old Skool

VANS X MOON Equipped
Special Collaboration Shoes
The VANS X MOONEYES Special Collaboration Shoes that has become a yearly event from 2016.

Available from December 5th(Sat).

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VANS X MOON Automotive 2020 Old Skool

Thank you for waiting. The VANS X MOONEYES Special Collaboration Shoes that has become a yearly event from 2016. This week let’s us introduce from this shoes!

VANS X MOON Automotive Old-Skool!
Until last year we were using Yellow for MOONEYES brand shoes and, Black for MOON Equipped brand for making the shoes. For 2020, we have made the Old Skool in Navy Blue using the MOON Automotive Logo in the MOON Equipped brand for the first time.

Especially for this time, we have recreated the data that was used back in 1950 when the company established and the MOON logo that was used for several years in the early period of Hot Rod. And we have blended those logos to the canvas for Old Skool.

To the MOON AUTOMOTIVE design, Stripe is added which gives a connection with the Slip On coming next week. There will be a Navy Blue x White stripe on the Vamp. For the Surfline on the side, transparent rubber is used to show the canvas design. In addition, this part of the stitch uses Navy Blue to stand out the Surfline.

For the heel, part suede material is used, which is a common feature to the Slip On and, decorated with the white embroidery Eyeshape logo. If you flip the shoes you can also see the stripe through the transparent sole.

On the mid-sole, the same design used in the canvas is used as an accent. This Old Skool thought through and features the all-over MOON Equipped logo inside and with stripes, which is also used for the tongue. In addition, the laces are accented with MOON Equipped eyeshape logo accessory!

Old Skool is one of the standard sneakers from VANS and it is stylish and casual in just two colors of navy blue and white. By MOON AUTOMOTIVE design coming in, it brings out the charm evermore. HOT RODDING, SKATEBOARDING... and other EXCITING SCENE, this Old Skool will perfectly match with any outfit.

510mm x 510mm size bandanna with VANS X MOONEYES 2020 Old Skool design will come together with the shoes! You can use it as a fashion item or use it anyways you like!

The shoes and bandanna will be delivered to you with a SPECIAL BOX. The BOX DESIGN is also a CQQL design that makes you excited so, please look forward to being delivered to you.

Color: Navy Blue, White
Material: Canva, Suede

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