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Mania Cruise Report Presents: MANIA CRUISE Morning Cruise September 13, 2014 at Honmoku Sancho Koen (Honmoku Hilltop Park) Last week Sunday, September 14, Mania Cruise morning cruise presented by was held at Honmoku Hilltop Park in Honmoku, Yokohama. It’s was an excellent morning with slight cool breeze and clear skies. Thank you to everyone (Continue…)

Mania Cruise at Honmoku Hilltop Park Presented by

Last weekend presented Mania Cruise morning cruise at Honmoku Hilltop Park (Honmoku Sancho Koen). Thank you for joining us. The featured cars were Datsun Bluebirds and they also hosted a HIACE Classic Meeting. There was a great turnout and we posted photos in our online gallery/report. Please enjoy and we’ll see you (Continue…)

Mania Cruise Report Presents MANIA CRUISE – Morning Cruise Date: Sunday March 9, 2014 Location: Honmoku Hilltop Park (Honmoku Sancho Koen) Time: 9AM to 12-noon Target vehicles: pre 1985 Japanese makes and models Feature vehicles: Nissan Cedric/Gloria & Toyota Crowns HP

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Mania Cruise Report/Gallery

Barracuda.JP Presents Mania Cruise at Honmoku Sancho Koen (Honmoku Hill Top Park) Last week Sunday was the first Mania Cruise of 2014, presented by and held at Honmoku Hilltop Park. Thank you to everyone for rolling through. There were a lot of rare and cool classic Japanese Domestics gathered. Please be sure (Continue…)

Mania Cruise/Morning Cruise Online Gallery

MANIA CRUISE Presented by

Last weekend here in Honmoku, Yokohama on Sunday July 14 was Mania Cruise morning cruise presented by Thank you all the people that came to see and the owners of classic Japanese domestic rides! It was a great turn out and the weather was superb. Another beautiful (Continue…)

Mania Cruise 01-13 Gallery

Last week Sunday was the first Mania Cruise (morning cruise) of the new year! Thank you to everyone that made it out to Honmoku Hilltop Park. Presented by, Mania Cruise is held here in Honmoku Yokohama on second Sunday of each odd month (1st, 3rd, 5th month etc. That’s January, March, May (Continue…)