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Mooneyes Staff Steve’s European Bug-In 5 Trip Report

Mooneyes Staff Steve’s European Bug-In 5 Trip Report is now posted online in English and Japanese. Tons of photos covering the three-day event plus the maiden run of the newly built MOONBUG as well as the legendary Inch Pincher III. Both race cars were shipped from Japan to Belgium specifically for the event. (Continue…)


MOON ILLUSTRATED Magazine Vol. 10 (MIM#10) hits bookstores across Japan! Order online direct or head to your nearest bookstore for the latest issue of MIM#10. Features include a sneak peek of HCS2012, all special guests and their machines plus cool articles and content such as Brooklyn Invitational 2012 (Bike Show), long choppers of (Continue…)

USA Trip Report (Jan 2012)

MOON Space Agency (MSA) Sumi and Steve, as well as MOON Garage Goshu are back from their trip to USA. They attended the Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS) and the very special exhibit celebrating sixty years of MOON excellence at the NHRA Motorsports Museum. The MQQN Exhibit kick off party was on Friday (Continue…)

Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2011 Gallery

14,000 people made their way into the Pacifico Yokohama on December 4, 2011. Thank you to everyone for dropping in! The bands rocked the house and Rat Island too. Guests from abroad set it off all day beginning with the ride in and the crowd was amazing! Right after the ride in, the (Continue…)


MOONEYES 25th Annual Street Car Nationals REPORT & GALLERY is now online! CHECK IT OUT

And be sure to check out the web for tons of photos from all the event goers! Here’s a list of site we found interesting. Thank you for sharing your pics!

Hobidas Auto Gallery………… (Continue…)