Discovery Channel New Series Driven is Coming SQQN!

以前お伝えしたディスカバリー チャンネル の新シリーズ Drive がもうすぐ放送スタートです。
Discovery Channel から新しい Teaser が届きました。
USA の3月30日(月) 9:00pm から放送開始です。
ムーンアイズ主催の第28回 ヨコハマ ホット ロッド カスタム ショー2019 の内容は、エピソード3で紹介されるそうなので

Discovery Channel New Series Driven is Coming SQQN!!
A new video is released!!
The show will debut on Monday, March 30 at 9PM ET/PT!!
MOONEYES’ 28th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW will be on the 3rd episode.


LA Trip

3/14(土) Fontana Speedwayで開催予定だったMQQNEYES Spring Get Together “Show & Drag”は
7/11(土)はMQQNEYES USA Open Houseの予定でしたが今回はFontana Speedwayで行う予定です。


Due to the Coronavirus, MQQNEYES Spring Get Together “Show & Drag”
that was planned to be held on March 14th(Sat) at Fontana Speedway has POSTPONED to July 11th(Sat).
On July 11th(Sat) we were planning to have the MQQNEYES USA Open House but,
we are planning to hold it at Fontana Speedway.

It is a story when I visit for the Show from 3/7(Sat) to 3/19(Thu).

3/08(日) 21:00位の羽田国際線ロビーです。

3/8(Sun) Haneda International Flight’s Lobby.
There’s hardly anyone.


There is no change in the city of LA looking it from above.

3/06(金)LAX(Los Angels国際空港)出発口を見たら、ガラガラです。

3/06(金)~3/08(日) Bakersfield では恒例のMarch Meetも開催され何時ものSouthern Californiaでした。

週中始めまではMQQNEYES Spring Showを開催する予定で進行していましたが
レストランは店内でのサービスを中止、Take Outだけの対応したか許可されなくなったのです。
そして3/17(火) Orange Countyでは不要不急の外出を禁じる事は発令され、3月末まではそれぞれの家から
出てはいけないと言う厳しい状況になりました。Disneyland, Universal Studio等、Las VegasもホテルはCloseされています。
物事の決定が素早く、強力なパワーで人々の動きを押さえ込んで行くUSA, 日本とはまったく違います。

3/6(Fri) LAX (Los Angels International Airpot) There’s hardly anyone at the departure gate.
Coming and going of the people is stopped.

3/6(Fri)~3/8(Sun) at Bakersfield Annual March Meet was held and it was an ordinary Southern California.
However, at the beginning of the week(3/9), suddenly the world started to concern about the Coronavirus(COVID-19).
At the beginning of the week, we were preparing for the MQQNEYES Spring Show but,
we got a notice from the Speedway that city might request to stop the event.
After that, the circumstance got more strict and on 3/12(Thu) we have decided to postpone the event.
At that time, State and County have requested that all events be postponed or canceled so,
that weekend many events were canceled.
Then, 50 people or more, 20 people or more, Movie Theatre, Bar and places where many people gather got Closed.
Service at the restaurant is stopped, and only TO GO service is accepted.
On 3/17(Tue) Orange County requested for restricting nonessential and nonurgent going out.
And it is in a hard situation that people cannot go out from their house until the end of March.
Disneyland, Universal Studio, Las Vegas and many other places are Close.
Quick decision and strong power that controls people’s movement is completely different from Japan.

Freewayのサインも COVID-19関連です。

Freeway’s sign is COVID-19 related.

どんどん色々な発令が出ているうちにSuper Marketは大変な事になってます。

During several announcements are made Super Market is in trouble.

Wholefoods Market Fresh Vegetablesコーナー 何もありません。

Nothing at Wholefoods Market Fresh vegetable section.


The right side was the meat and fish section but there is nothing in the showcase.


3/15(Sun) Restaurant is also empty.


When I went to fill the gasoline, a paper was wrapped on the handle.
For a while I was ??? but, I got it.
This is a thing that we don’t know who has touched it before so,
people before me used it like this.


I immediately did the same thing.

24時間営業のレストランもTake Out Only.

3/17(火), 上からの指導により(人が溜まらない)ショップを3/31(火)までCloseする事になりました。
発送やMachine Shopは動いていますがお店はCloseです。
いったいどうなるのでしょうか? 数ヶ月後には大騒ぎになっている所が沢山出てくるでしょう。

All-hours restaurant is also To Go Only.
Business is terrible everywhere.

3/17 (Tue), the shop will be closed until 3/31 (Tue) due to the guidance from the top.
Shipment and Machine Shop are working but the Shop is closed.
If you can order beforehand we can hand over with the drive-through system.
We will bring the product to the gate and hand over.
Show and event in March and April are all canceled, over-the-counter sales are not allowed and,
we cannot look forward to a customer from overseas and what will happen?
After a few months, many places will be a disaster.
It is getting big trouble!
Just a week, in a few days everything has drastic change.
I felt that speed and force that is not in Japan.

3/17(月) Shop Closedのサインを設置

3/17(Mon)Shop Closed sign is set up.

久しぶりのBlue Sky, 雨上がりのSouthern Californiaは素敵です。

Blue Sky, Southern California after the rain is beautiful.

3/17(火) 6pm頃のFreeway がらがらです。 何時もは1時間は掛かるのですが最近は30分です。

3/17(Tue) around 6pm there’s hardly anyone on Freeway.
Usually it takes about a hour but, recently its just takes 30minutes.

3/17(火) LAX。検疫関係の方々ではありません。これからチェックインする乗客です。

3/17(Tue) LAX. It is not people of quarantine.
It is a passenger who is going to check-in.
At the airport, it was a fashion show of a mask.

3/19(木) 羽田国際空港(HND) 4:30am, 普段なら沢山止まっている飛行機がまったくいませんでした。
機内放送では 「エボラ出血。。」なんとかの放送はありましたがコロナウイルスの事は全くなく

3/19(Thu) Haneda International Airport (HND) 4:30am,
there were not many airplanes that I usually see a lot.
In-flight broadcasting was talking about the Ebola bleeding but,
there was nothing about the Coronavirus at the airport.
It was quiet like that there isn’t Coronavirus spreading in Japan.
I hope that the difference with the USA will not appear at some time.
This is the first time to see the USA’s concentration on the emergency.


Photo from a friend living in Oahu.
People lining up for Costco.


HCS2019 on Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel が DRIVEN という番組を独占配信します。

USA の2020年3月30日(MON)から放映開始され、第一回目は Galpin Motors の代表 Beau Boeckmann、
HCS でも何度も来日しているゲストの Dave Shuten、そして カスタマイズのスペシャリスト “Mad Mike” Martin が出演します。

そして、USAの4月13日の第3回目の放送では、昨年の 28th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019 で
ゲスト カーとして来日した Galpin Auto Sports’ “Bathtub” Show Rod が紹介されます。
USA に住んでいる方や、見る機会がある方は放送をお楽しみに。
続報があれば、また Official Website でアナウンスします。

Discovery Channel has given us an exclusive look at their upcoming show called DRIVEN.

It will set to hit television screens on Monday, March 30, 2020 in the USA.
The episode ill start with Galpin Motors President Beau Boeckmann,
Dave Shuten who is invited to HCS several times and customization specialist “Mad Mike” Martin.

For EPISODE 3 that will be on air on April 13th at the USA,
Galpin Auto Sports’ “Bathtub” Show Rod that was the special guest for
28th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019 will be focused!!
Please keep watching the wonderful series and look forward to it!

そして、MOONEYES Official Youtube Channel で、Flashback of the Show と称して先行配信していた全9エピソードを
1枚のディスクに凝縮した DVD がついに来週発売いたします。
Youtube では見られない SPECIAL EPISODE をDVD特典として収録した、
この SPECIAL DVD がは数量限定アイテムなので、お買い逃しなく。

Last but not least, HCS2019 DVD will be finally released next week.
It will contain 9 episodes that were on our Official Youtube Channel and for
this Special DVD features SPECIAL EPISODE that can only be seen in this DVD.
It is a limited item so, please don’t miss this chance to get it.

MOONEYES Official Online Shop でのご予約はこちら。

You can Order the HCS2019 DVD from HERE.


Cherry Blossom サクラ

Corona Virus (COVID-19)のおかげで世の中の雰囲気が沈んでるのでWildmanが早めにSakuraを咲かせてくれました。
本牧通りのサクラが満開になるのはまだ少し先ですがSakura MQQN Polo Shirtは購入可能です。

Wildman blossomed Sakura early because the atmosphere of the world is gloomed by the Corona Virus (COVID-19).
Cherry blossom of Honomoku Street will bloom little later but, Sakura MQQN Polo Shirt is available at MOONEYES.

Sakura MOON Polo Shirt [FM193NY]
Price: 3,200Yen (excl. tax)

Online Shop English Ver.

Air Brushed R/F x MQQNEYES T-shirt by Wildman.

Rat Fink X MOON Air Brush T-shirt [TM793WH]
Price: 5,200Yen (excl. tax)

Rat Fink X MOON Fast Rat Rule Sticker [DM233]
Price: 600Yen (excl. tax)

Rat Fink X MOON Eyeball Sticker [DM232]
Price: 600Yen (excl. tax)

Rat Fink X MOON Equipped Cam Sticker [MQD036]
Price: 5,200Yen (excl. tax)



今までありそうで無かった Rat Fink + MQQNEYES デザイン。
T シャツ & ステッカー 発売開始です。

2020 Spring Supplemental Catalogも完成です。

It is a surprise that Rat Fink + MQQNEYES design didn’t exist until now.
T-shirts & Stickers are now released.

2020 Spring Supplemental Catalog is also completed.


1972 Honda Step Van

1975年頃に製作された1972 Honda Step Van “Custom Van”
Nostalgic 2 Days内の MQQNEYES Boothに展示されます。
パシフィコヨコハマ へお出かけください。

1972 Honda Step Van “Custom Van” which was built around 1975.
It will be exhibited at the MQQNEYES Booth in Nostalgic 2 Days
that are held at Pacifico Yokohama today(22nd) and tomorrow(23rd).
Survivor at that time.
It is a precious one, from when the California style Custom started in Japan.
Please come and visit Pacifico Yokohama.


Missing “u”

先週, MOON of Japanの女性スタッフがMOONEYES USAヘ出張でやって来たので
Eye Ball Sign の前で記念写真を撮っていると何と MOON Equip. Co の “u”無くなっているのを発見!

Last week, MOONEYES OF Japan’s woman staff came to MOONEYES USA for a business trip.
When we were taking a photo in front of the Eye Ball Sign,
MOON Equip. Co’s “u” was missing!


You can slightly tell that the “u” is gone.


This building and sign are nearly 30 years old so, anything can happen to it.


Who we deeply looked into the Bush, we have found it!

Southern Californiaの豊かな太陽の陽を浴び成長し続けるプルメリア。

Plumeria that is growing with plenty of Southern California’s Sunshine.

Shop Towel Dispenserの試作品です。

A prototype of Shop Towel Dispenser.
it seems to need little more adjustment.

月曜日には “u”も定位置に無事戻せました!

On Monday “u” is safely fixed to the original place!


HCS 2020


It’s already February.
Where will be the venue for the 34th SCN?
Venue for the 23rd AON is also not decided.
Several issues piled up and the current situation is that,
it is difficult to borrow a large venue.
We will announce if there is any movement.

会場は既に予約も取れ 12月6日(日) の開催が決まっています。
僕らの世界はその様な事とは別に 分け隔て無く 全世界の人達が Yokohama へ集り 明るく, Happy な時間を共に過ごしたい!
そんな思いから今年は “We Love People!” “Tomodachi!” です。

There are some events that the venue is not decided,
and the HCS is also feared that it will be held every time by various reasons but,
the HCS will be held for 29th times this year.
We have already reserved the venue for December 6th(Sun) and decided to be held.
The Event Catchphrases that started from “Shizukani”,
2020 there are many things happening in the world.
However, apart from such a thing in our world,
we want people from all over the world gather in Yokohama and,
to have a bright and Happy time together!
Therefore, this year is “We Love People!” “Tomodachi”.
Care each other and let spend fun time together!



“Forever Model A”
Model A が主役です。
何かと Model B が多く取り上げられる事が多いですが脇役的な Model A を Feature します。
色々なTasteの Model A が集まれるのではないでしょうか?


“Unbelievable Japanese Choppers”
Japanese Bike ベースの Chopper, ベースは日本車であれば構いません。
それをあえて日本車で造る、そんな Chopper が集まったら楽しそうです。

3.Paint Contest

“ Fantastical Magic of Helmets”
2020年は Helmet!
2011年の Paint Contest で1度開催していますが Artist の方々の強い希望により再挑戦です。
(2011年は一回目のPaint Contest)

This is each Theme for 2020.

1. Automobile
“Forever Model A”
Model A is featured.
Model B is featured often but, this time features Model A that is like a side character.
I hope to see various Taste Model A.

2. Motorcycle
“Unbelievable Japanese Choppers”
Japanese Motorcycle base Chopper, any Japanese base motorcycle is acceptable.
To make it solidly, both Japanese and Foreign motorcycle takes the same amount of time and effort.
And intentionally build with Japanese motorcycle, it will be fun if those Choppers gathered.

3. Paint Contest
“Fantastical Magic of Helmets”
2020 is Helmet!
We have held it in Paint Contest in 2011 but, it will be a challenge again due to the strong request from Artists.
Since then, the number and technique remarkably went Up and the Special One will be displayed.
(2011 was the 1st Paint Contest)

今回は各 Theme のアナウンスを少し早めにさせて頂きました。
またShow まで 10 months はあります。
今から Go!
いよいよ、29th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2020 が Start です。

this time I announced each Themes little earlier.
There are 10 months until the Show.
Let’s Go! from now!
We are looking forward to wonderful works.

29th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2020 Starts.

“We Love People! Tomodachi! “


Grand National Roadster Show 2020 in Pomona, CA

毎年Pomona, CAで開催されるGrand National Roadster Showの一番の華は
Building 4で開催される 最も綺麗なRoadsterを選ぶ “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” (AMBR)です。
その中の一台は昨年のYokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019のBest of Showに輝いた
32 Ford “K’s Roadster”が日本からエントリーでした。
Deuce Factory JapanのShun KasaiがStreet Rodderを日本で始め35年、
他車に負けない仕上がりは “日本のBuilderも遂にここまで来た” と言う感じでした。
Blue SkyのSouthern CaliforniaにマッチするRoadsterです。
残念ながらAMBR のAwardは取れませんでしたが、日本で作ったRoadsterが堂々とAMBRに参加し

Every year the Grand National Roadster Show is held at Pomona, CA. The best spotlight of the show is “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR)” which is held at Building 4.
Many Roadster which spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars, registered every year to win this Award.
This year, 10 Roadsters were registered for AMBR.
One the Roadster was 32 Ford “K’s Roadster” which won the Best of Show at last year’s Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019.
35 years have past when Shun Kasai of Deuce Factory Japan first started as Street Rodder.
It is definitely the one that is full of his knowledge and experience for 35 years.
The competitive finish of the car was like “Japanese Builder has finally come this far.”
It has a more massive image looking at in Pomona than Yokohama and, is it only myself that felt it was natural to be there?
It is a Roadster that matches the Blue Sky of Southern California.
Unfortunately, it couldn’t win the AMBR Award but, it was a wonderful thing that Roadster made in Japan imposingly participated in AMBR and, attracted the attention of many people.
If it has past its just 35 years but, I felt that I saw the results of blood, sweat, and tears that is build-up for a long time.

2020 AMBR に輝いたのはこのRoadsterです。

2020 AMBR winner is this Roadster.


MOON DISCS for Cadillac ATS

1950年代から現代まで HOT ROD ムーブメント、
カスタマイズドの世界においてシンプルなデザインが愛される MOON DISCS。

写真の Cadillac ATS のような現行車にも MOONEYES USA にてスペシャル オーダーで製作が可能です。

HOT ROD movement from the 1950’s to Now,
MOON DISCS is loved by the customized world with its simple design.

It is fixed with Zeus fastener and, MOON DISC like the modern car Cadillac ATS in the picture
can be made by Special Order at MOONEYES USA.

特殊な形状のホイルに MOON DISCS を装着希望の方は、MOONEYES までご相談ください。

Please contact MOONEYES if you want to get the MOON DISCS for a specific shape wheel.


1st Annual MQQNEYES Spring Get Together Show and Drag

Saturday, March 14th 2020
Fontana, CaliforniaのAuto Club Dragwayで
1st Annual “MQQNEYES Spring Get Together Show and Drag” を開催します。

Southern California のBlue Skyの下での1日を楽しみに来ませんか?

詳しくは: http://mooneyes.com/mooneyes-spring-get-together-2020/

Saturday, March 14th, 2020
At the Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, California.
1st Annual “MQQNEYES Spring Get Together Show and Drag” will be held.

Let’s enjoy the special day under the Blue Sky of Southern California.
Fontana is located 1 hour East from LAX.

For more detail : http://mooneyes.com/mooneyes-spring-get-together-2020/


Buy, Sell and Trade 2nd “Surf City Market Place”(SCMP) by MQQNEYES

昨年 MOONEYES が新たに提案した Swap Meet Event、
Buy, Sell and Trade 2nd “Surf City Market Place”(SCMP) by MQQNEYES を
今年は 4月19日(日)に前回と同じ大磯ロングビーチで開催します。

Swap Meet Event that MOONEYES newly offered last year.
Buy, Sell and Trade 2nd “Surf City Market Place”(SCMP) by MQQNEYES
will be held again on April 19th(Sun) at the same place as last year, Oiso Long Beach.


Car & Motorcycle Parts, 雑貨, 古着、Clothing, Vintage & Antique Items などなど沢山のShop が Surf City Market Place に集まる Special な 1Day。
Swap Meet のエントリー受付開始は、1月17日(金)を予定しています。
詳しくは近日 MOONEYES Official Website で発表しますので、そちらをご確認ください。

会場内に Parking Space (一般駐車場(有料))がございます。
早速 カレンダーにマークして Good Location の大磯 Long Beach に
ご自慢の Car & Motorcycle で Cruise がてら是非お立ち寄りください。

The Special 1Day which Shop of Car & Motorcycle Parts, general goods, old clothes, Clothing,
Vintage & antique Items and more will gather at the Surf City Market Place.
Registration for the Swap Meet is scheduled to start on January 17th(Fri).
Details will be updated soon on MOONEYES Official Website so, please check it there.

There is a Parking Space (Toll Public Parking Lot) in the venue.
Mark your calendar for March 29th(Sun) and come and
visit the Good Location Oiso Long Beach with your Car & Motorcycle.

昨年の Event Report はこちら

You can see the Event Report from Last year HERE!!


Happy New Year!

🎍 Happy New Year! 🎍

皆様 新年明けましておめでとうございます。

MQQNEYES Area-1では 1/02(木) 新年恒例の福袋の販売をお行いました。

第34回 Street Car Nationals の会場はまだ決まっていません。
進展あり次第 Website等へ掲載致します。


On January 2nd(Thu) at MQQNEYES Area-1, we had the New Year annual Fortune Bag.
Although it starts at 12, thank you for coming in the early morning.

The venue for 34th Street Car Nationals is not decided.
If there is any movement to it, we will announce it on our website.

Let’s Go! with MQQNEYES for 2020.


New Year


Happy MQQN New Year.
Let’s Go! with MOON for 2020.


Be careful not to eat too much!

MOON Discs on Porsche 917 driven by Mark Donohue in 1975.
Donohue set the closed course special recored at Talladega Superpeedway.
Averaged 221.6 mph.


3 days of MOONEYES’ foodie.
Everyone, please be careful not to eat too much on new year.

Wednesday night

2nd run on Wednesday night

Thursday night

Friday night.

This Thursday