先週の日曜はパシフィコ横浜にて 26th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW (以下 HCS) を開催しました。

Last Sunday the 26th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW (HCS) was held at Pacifico Yokohama.

皆様のおかげで今年も素晴らしい Show を開催する事ができました。

With everyone’s cooperation it was a wonderful show.
Thank you very much.

HCS Official Website に Show Report を公開しました。
見事 Award を獲得した車両も全台網羅されていますので、是非ご覧になってください。

The Show Report is updated on the HCS Official Website.
All the vehicles that won an award are listed, so please take a look.


26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2017

MOONEYES Area-1にも海外からのお客様が増えてきました。

Customers from overseas are gradually increasing in MOONEYES Area-1.
We are glad that many people are visiting this year.
Please take care on your way.
We will be waiting at the venue.

MOONEYES ブース、VANS ブースにて Vans / MOONEYES Shoes をお買い上げの方にラッフルがあります。
1足に一枚 Big Old Skool Shoes が当たるラッフルチケットが付きます。

It is information at the last moment but there will be raffles for people purchased the VANS/MOONEYES Shoes.

For each shoes a raffle ticket for Big Vans Shoes is included.

抽選は10:30、12:30、14:00 and 16:30 (授賞式後) 4回あります。
例:8:00 ~ 10:00の間にチケットを貰った方は10:30のラッフルとなり
10:00 ~ 12:00は 12:30のラッフルとなります。
各抽選会では5足づつが当たり, 最後の抽選会では敗者復活戦として, 8:00 ~ 16:30 までの全てのチケットが
ラッフル対象となり 合計20足の Big Old Skool Shoes が当たると言う豪華版です。

There are 4 chances for the raffle at 10:30, 12:30, 14:00 and 16:30 (after the Award Presentation).
There will be a chance for people who have the raffle ticket 30 minutes before the start of the raffle.
For example: If you get the raffle ticket between 8:00 ~ 10:00, you can participate in the 10:30 raffle.
If it’s between 10:00 ~ 12:00, it will be the 12:30 raffle.
For each raffle 5 shoes can be won, and for the last raffle, like a consolation match, all the raffle tickets from 8:00 – 16:30 will be included.
It is the deluxe raffle with a total of 20 pairs of Big Old Skool Shoes to be won.
Please look forward to it!

SpainのPhotographer, Cyrill Arino 制作の HCS 25周年を記念した “MOONEYES Excellence” Book (日本語版) が
世界に先立って HCS 会場、International Village 内, MOONEYES Excellence Tableで発売開始です。

Last but not least, Spain Photographer Cyrill Arino has created the HCS 25th Anniversary “MOONEYES Excellence” Book. In advance to the world, it will be sold at the venue of HCS inside the International Village MOONEYES Excellence Table.


1 week to go!

今日はYokohama港でゲストCars and Bikesの引き上げでした。

Finally, one more week to the show.
Today the Guests’ Cars and Bikes were picked up at Yokohama port.

そして新たに ”MQQN CALLS”  Bookが発行されました。
今まで、春と秋に発行していた”MOON International Magazine” 通称MIMの
秋の号はいつもYokohama Hot Rod Custom Showの紹介が中心だったので
今回から”MQQN CALLS” Bookで紹介致します。
この”MQQN CALLS” Bookは何とB-4サイズの特大版です。
写真も大きく見応えたっぷりの”MQQN CALLS” Bookは店頭で希望の方々へ差し上げています。

The new book “MQQN CALLS” is published.
Previously there was the “MOON International Magazine (MIM)” which was issued in Spring and Autumn and sold at public book stores, but it has been canceled.
The Autumn volume always focused on the introduction of the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show, so from now on it will be introduced as the “MQQN CALLS” Book.
This “MQQN CALLS” Book is presented in a surprisingly large B4 size.
Large photos are worth seeing. The “MQQN CALLS” Book is given to people who wish to get it at our shop.
For shipping, please contact the MOON Mail Order Division.



Please look forward to the Limited Items that will be sold at the venue!!


Looking forward to see you at the Show venue.
Please cooperate with us to make it an entertaining Show that everyone can enjoy.

HCS の前日 12月2日(土) に Lady & Duke で DiCE Magazine Presents DiCE Party が開催されます。Rockn’ Roll な一夜をご堪能ください。パシフィコ横浜から近いので、お時間ある方は、是非足をお運びください。

The day before HCS at Lady & Duke, there will be the “DicE Party” presented by DicE Magazine. Enjoy the Rock ‘n’ Roll night. If you have time it is closeto the venue of HCS, so please come and join!


Due to the construction of the venue, this area’s width of the road is narrowed than last year. Please be careful to walk from the parking and moving around with the loading vehicle.


HCS 2017 loading route


As I already mentioned last week regarding the situation of the loading route.
On Saturday 2 Dec there will be nearly 150 construction vehicles going in and out for venue expansion related construction.
Since there is only one loading route we are considering what we can do with the venue.
There might be some confusion at the setup but please cooperate with us.
Please be patient, and once you enter the venue there will be another world.


Set Up Day on Saturday, December 2nd

4週間後の今日12/2(土)は遂に26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2017の搬入日です。
何か質問等ありましたら 045-623-9660までご連絡下さい。
Be calm and calm down でご協力下さい。

4 weeks from today will be Saturday, 2nd of December, and finally it’s the Set-up Day for the 26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show.
Due to construction work at the surrounding area of the venue please take note that the loading route will be different from last year.
Construction also began at the Entrant Parking that was used last year.
The loading route has become narrow and there will be construction vehicles going in and out.
The old roads around the parking area may not be available, so please be aware.
If there are any questions and concerns please contact 045-623-9660.
The Set-up will be different from previously, so we may encounter some troubles.
Please cooperate with us, be calm and calm down.
Thank you for your understanding.



YOKOHAMA HOT ROD SHOW まで残り1か月を切りました。
先週末、今年のレイアウトが決定。いよいよ HCS2017 が大きく動き始めました。

It’s now less than a month until the YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW.
This year’s layout has been decided at the end of the last week. HCS2017 is gradually getting active.
Credentials will be sent out at the end of next week. Thank you for your patience.

HCS2017 限定アイテムの VANS X MOONEYES。
もうひとつの Limited Model であるSLIP ONの詳細が決定しました。


一見なんの変哲もないデザインに見えますが、付属の VANS & MOONEYES Special ステッカーで
SLIP ON を 世界にひとつだけの Shoes に Custom することができます。

凹凸部分も気にせず貼れる Special ステッカーを好きなところに切って、貼るだけ。

あなただけの Original SLIP ON Customをぜひ会場でお楽しみください。

HCS2017 Limited Item VANS×MOONEYES.

Details have been determined for one more Limited Model SLIP ON.
It may appear to be just a simple design, but you can customize the shoes with the included VANS & MOONEYES Special Sticker and create a one and only SLIP ON in the world.You can cut and stick the Special Sticker anywhere you like without having to worry about uneven surfaces. There’s infinite ways to customize.

Enjoy your Original SLIP ON Custom at the show venue.

Price : ¥8,000(税抜き)
Size: (JP) 23cm ~ 30cm / (US) 5 ~ 12

Price : ¥8,000(excl. tax)
Size: (JP) 23cm ~ 30cm / (US) 5 ~ 12


Container for HCS 2017

Long BeachでHCS 2017へやって来るCars and Bikesのコンテナへの積み込み作業が進んでいます。

Loading the Cars and Bikes into the container for HCS2017 is proceeding at Long Beach.
Tomorrow is the final finishing of the layout for the venue.
We are planning to send Credential and location information on November 11 (Saturday).
The show is coming soon.


Making the wheel stopper out of wood as well as the support for adjusting the height for the vehicle’s air bag, and these are processed on the spot.


VANS X MOONEYES Special Half Cab

先週は HCS2017 Demo Reel の配信がスタートし、ショーに向けて色々と企画していた事が

The HCS2017 Demo Reel was launched last week and we can finally announce the projects that we have been planning for the show.

最新情報は YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW (以下 HCS) の Official Website に更新しておりますので、

The latest information will be updated on the YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW (HCS) Official Website, so please do check it regularly.

HCS よりデビューとなる VANS X MOONEYES スペシャル Half Cab の詳細が決定致しました。

And details are finalized for the VANS X MOONEYES Special Half Cab which will debut at HCS.

Size: (JP) 23cm ~ 30cm / (US) 5 ~ 12
Price: 10,000yen (excl. tax)

MOONEYES Area-1 では、サンプルを展示しておりますので気になる方はチェックしてみてください。

The sample is on display at MOONEYES Area-1, so if you’re interested to see it please come and check it out.


6th Annual Kustom Fest 2017, Jogja, Indonesia

Indonesia, Jogjakartaで開催されている今年で6回目となるKustom Fest 2017。
羽田を朝10時にでて現地に夜11時(日本時間)、現地時間21時に到着 乗り換えもあり, 暑さもありで結構疲れます。

Kustom Fest 2017 was held for the 6th time this year at Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
This was our 5th year participating.
We Departed from Haneda Airport at 10am in the morning and arrived at 9pm local time (11pm Japan time). From the transfer to the hot climate, it was quite tiring.


After the plane took off from the Haneda Airport, we flew to the west of the coastline and pass Honmoku, Yokohama.
The Bay Bridge, Minato Mirai area and Honmoku can be seen.


Jogja Airport has a traditional local atmosphere.
It seems that a new airport is under construction, so we won’t able to see this scenery in few years time.
If it wasn’t for the rain it would have been a good feeling.


The highlight of this show are the serious Customs based on Japanese bikes, which is really awesome.

古いタイプのCragar SSを履いたCharger、古い方が良いですね。

A Charger wearing the old style Cragar SS, old one is better.

HoldenベースのLow Rider

Holden-based Low Rider

T-III の Woody

T-III Woody

1984 VW T-IIの下回りを使い、自分で作ったEarly T-II Pick UpのBodyを載せたと言う驚きの1台。
オーナーが言うには 「本物は高くて買えないので作った」との事でした。

This is a surprising one; it’s an Early T-II Pick Up Body that has been combined to the bottom of a 1984 VW T-II, and it’s all handmade.
According to the owner, a real one is too expensive to purchase so that’s why he made it.


What a surprise! Everything from the bumper is all his own work.

最初に見た時はただペイントを剥がしたT-IIと思っていましたが 話しを聞いてビックリでした。

When I first saw it I thought the T-II had its paint peeled off, but after hearing the story I was surprised.

MQQNEYES PickはこのT-IIに決まり!

MQQNEYES Pick went to this T-II!

今年のBonnevilleに挑戦した Shiun Craft Works, Kobe.
Panhead ベースのマシンにMQQN Discです。

Shiun Craft Works from Kobe challenged this year’s Bonneville.
MQQN Disc on a Panhead based Machine.


HCS2017 Advance Ticket

26th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW まで残り2か月を切りました。


前売り 3,400円 (12歳以下 Free)
当日 3,900円 (12歳以下 Free)

YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2017 当日に会場内で当日チケットを販売致しますが、大変混雑が予想されます。

MOONEYES では、MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Cafe, MOONEYES Official Online Shop (楽天、Yahoo では販売致しませんので、お気を付けください) にて好評販売中です。MOONEYES で購入の方は、 26th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW のポスターをプリントしたポストカードをプレゼント。こちらも数に限りがございますので、お早目にお買い求めください。

MOONEYES が出展する Event でも前売り券はお買い求め頂けますので、イベントで MOONEYES を見つけた際は、STAFF にお声かけください。

さらにチケット サイトでも 前売り券をお買い求め頂けます。
チケットぴあ (P コード:637-137)ローソン チケット (L コード:31918)イープラスチケット ペイ (イベントコード:Fead4a8f3dc) ご都合がいいサイトでお買い求めください。

詳しくは HCS Official Website をご確認ください。

Less than 2 months till the 26th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW.
Advance Tickets are now available.

HCS2017 Advance Ticket
3,400yen (12 & under Free)
Ticket at the Gate (Dec, 3) : 3,900yen (12 & under Free)
General admission tickets will not sell out but Ticket at the Gate might be crowded on the day so, we recommend to purchase the Advance Ticket.

If you are a Japan Domestic Resident

You can make the purchase at MOONEYES 、MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Cafe, MOONEYES Official Online Shop.

You can also purchase it at any Event which MOONEYES is participating, so if you find MOONEYES at an event please feel free to ask our STAFF.

Furthermore you can also make the purchase from other Ticket Websites:
Ticket PIA (P CODE:637-137), LAWSON Ticket (L CODE:31918), EPLUS, Ticket Pay (Event Code:Fead4a8f3dc).
Please use the website that you are familiar with.

The closing date is different depending on the website, so for further details please check the HCS Official Website.

If you are living Overseas

Advance Tickets from MOONEYES Official Online Shop are available until Monday November 20, Japan time. Payment must be completed and confirmed by the end of the business day, no later than Saturday November 24, Japan time – or immediately after receiving our order confirmation email and payment instructions (whichever is sooner).

Unpaid/unconfirmed orders will be cancelled. Although, you will be able to purchase tickets from our physical store in Honmoku, Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1 and MQQN Cafe until December 2 (Saturday).

Please use the contact/inquiry form for any questions.
For further details please check the HCS Official Website.

Contact about the Ticket
TEL : 045-623-5999 (TUESDAY ~ SATURDAY 9:00 ~ 18:00)
E-mail: hcs2017@mooneyes.co.jp


There is an Event tomorrow at Odaiba, Tokyo

明日は東京お台場で20回目のALL ODDS Nationals & CROWN Classics Reunionです。
Tomorrow at Odaiba, Tokyo there will be the 20th Anniversary ALL ODDS Nationals & CROWN Classics Reunion.



There will be limited items that is sold only at the event, so don’t miss it.


Let’s meet at the venue!

10/6(金)から 26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2017の前売り券が発売されます。

Advanced tickets for the 26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2017 will be available starting from October 6, 2017 (Friday).


Heaven of MQQN Discs

LAからおよそ1,000km(630miles) 約10時間走るとBonnevilleにたどり着きます。

We arrived at Bonneville after driving 1,000km (630 miles) for 10 hours from LA.


Blue skies for a while when we entered the state of Utah.


However, it was obviously raining in the distance.


We arrived at the town 2 hours from Bonneville, the heavy rain has stopped and a double rainbow appeared.

Bonnevilleに着くとそこはMQQN Disc 天国!

When we arrived at Bonneville, it was a Heaven of MQQN Discs!




1st anniversary of the OPENING of MOONEYES SHOP BKK (MSD)



追って MQQN Cafe も OPEN 予定です。

Later on, a MQQN Cafe is also planning to be OPEN

タイ バンコクへお越しの際は是非お立ち寄りください。

Please visit when you go to Bangkok, Thailand.

MOONEYES BKK (MSD) は 空港から30分位、 街の中心から 1時間位の場所にある Train Night Market と呼ばれる大きな Antique Mall の中にあります。

MOONEYES BKD (MSD) is 30 minutes away from the airport, 1 hour away from the town center and it is in the Train Night Market that is in the Large Antique Mall.



Last Weekend

9月の最初の週末 横浜赤レンガ倉庫で ” Crazy Ken Band 20th Attack!”
バンド結成20周年スペシャルライブが青空の下 開催され、MQQNEYESも出店させて頂きました。

August was a rainy and cloudy month, and we had very little clear days in the Kanto Area where we are.
On the first week of September there was the “Crazy Ken Band 20th Attack!” event at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.
The 20th Anniversary Special Live was held under blue skies and MQQNEYES also participated at the event.


12 Cars were exhibited in front of the Red Brick Warehouse

Red Brick Warehouse in 1986.


This ELF actually blew its front right tire in the tunnel while on its way to Osaka.
It was close one! But fortunately it didn’t turn into a big accident.
However, parts of the side skirt broke so I am looking for replacement parts.
Please contact me if you have any information.


The most popular one was the Buggy. Although, it was troublesome that some people did not ask for permission and simply went on the Buggy.

Photo by Pan Sumi

Photo by Pan Sumi

そして翌日曜日は東京お台場で”Motorcycle Swap Meet”でした。

Furthermore on Sunday, the next day, we had the “Motorcycle Swap Meet” event at Odaiba, Tokyo.
The event opened with refreshing weather, similar to Autumn.


Venue after the event.


Entry Registration will start on September 13th (WED) 11:00~

26回目となるYokohama Hot Rod Custom Show のSpotlightは以下です。

Spotlight for the 26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show is listed below.

“Gracious Pick Ups 1959~1987 El Camino”
すでに生産が中止され30年が経つEl Camino
会場にはどの様なEl Caminoが集まるか楽しみですね。

“Gracious Pick Ups 1959~1987 El Camino”
El Camino which 30 years had passed after the last production.
Looking forward to what kind of El Camino will gather at the event.

“Taste of Deuce”
MQQNEYES Special Competition Coupeがやってきます。

“Taste of Deuce”
Deuce will celebrate the 85th anniversary from the first production in 1932.
MOONEYES Special Competition Coupe will come.

MotorcycleのSpotlightはズバリ “Traditional Chopper”.

Spotlight for the Motorcycle is “Traditional Chopper”.
We will be waiting for Traditional and Beautiful Chopper.

“Color the Temptation” Custom Paint Contest、Air Cleaner Coverを
ベースにCustom Paintを競って下さい。

“Color the Temptation” Custom Paint Contest
Custom Paint the Air Cleaner Cover as the base and compete.

エントリー受付は 9月13日(水) 11:00 より Webエントリー となります。
詳しくは YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW Official Website をご覧下さい。

Entry registration will start from 13th (Wed) September 11:00am (JST). Web Entry only.
For further information please check the HCS official website.
Looking for to see many entries.

Grow Together! “Sodateyou!”