1977年のCalifornia Beach City周辺でのスナップ写真

クラウン110 4ドアセダン、110は1979~81年くらいまでなので最近では殆ど目にしなくなりました。この年式あたりになると街乗りも問題なく、Daily Driverとしては何の不自由もなく乗り廻せますので、ちょっと違ったクルマを探している人にはチャンスです。
ホイルはクレーガーSS、昔は日本ではトピーが扱っていたので国産車にもジャストフィットのオフセットがありましたが、今ではUSA物を使う為、フロントがリアより少し出気味になるので、リアに少し太めのタイヤを入れるか何かしたらいい感じになると思います。このクルマには185-70-14 Cooper Cobra GT ホワイト レター ラジアル タイヤを使っています。
"Cool looking Toyota Crown 110"
Why does it look so cool by just doing extreme lowering with tire and wheels.
Toyota Crown 110, 4 door sedan was up to 1979 to 1981 which nowadays we hardly see in Japan. Cars in these years can be driven dairy in town and its good choice for someone who want to have different look.

Wheels are Cragar SS, they used to have offset that fit Japanese car too while Toppy was selling them but nowadays when using USA product, rear is narrower than the front so its better to have wide tire on rear to have cool look. This car is using 185-70-14 Cooper Cobra GT raised white letter radials all around.

Old car looks good with nice chrome so please shine that chrome. This car has nice chromes but also has another accent such as 2 pinstripes on the side. Pinstripe sounds like design for many people but this is the original way to use pinstripe. And this pinstripe is done by tape that sold in shops. Even that can be custom so custom is fun.
But even if you try to make it same way it never can be same, That’s Custom. CROWN-CLASSICS.COM

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