2005 SEMA Show


勿論、「現在のマーケットがどうなってるのかな」とか「今後どうなっちゃうのかな」とか気になる人が全世界から集まってくるのですが、今回の一番の目的はSEMA Hot Rod Industry Alliance(HRIA)からMOONEYES USA 社長のChicoが”Hall Of Fame(功労者)”に選ばれたのでその受賞Partyに出席する為でした。これは「Hot Rodマーケットの為に良くやってるよ」って言う賞です。素晴らしいではありませんか。

そのついでに2005 SEMAはどんな感じかなって久しぶりに会場をブラブラしたのですが、USAの自動車アフターマーケットは活気がありますね。


Mustangも多かったですが 大変気になったのは70年代前後のCuda、Challenger、Camaro、Mustang等のマッスルカーをベースにしたNew Generation Hot Rods, フロントに18″or 20″、リアには20″or 22″のホイルを履き、4輪Discsは勿論、Lowered、足回りまったく別物、市販されている最強クレートモーターを装着。特にMOPAR系はHemi Motorが市販されているのでHemiを積んだのが圧倒的に多かったです。
“2005 SEMA Show”
Last week went to the SEMA Show. SEMA Show is the biggest world wide After Market Automobile Industries Exhibition Show in Las Vegas, USA.
My reason to visit was to see what is happening in market and what will happen from now, but my major reason for this trip was to attend Award reception of MOONEYES USA President “Chico”, as he was chosen for “Hall of Fame” by SEMA Hot Rod Industry Alliance(HRIA). This award is for he has done good for Hot Rod Industry. Isn’t that great?

So while I was at there, I went around SEMA to see what 2005 SEMA was like and felt that USA Automobile After Market is really active and happening.
The parts that I see most was Chrome Big Wheels, 20inch is not unique anymore, right? The cars like Chrysler C300, Dodge Magnum, Charger, Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce and Japanese Cars with those Big Chrome Wheels were getting attention and especially MOPAR(Chryslers) TOP 3 cars were displayed at many various booth and was easy to tell that people loved those cars. Personally I can only see them looking like VIP cars style in Japan, but that is the style that has most attention in USA Car Culture.

There were many Mustangs but what caught my attention was the New Generation Hot Rods, based on Muscle Cars, with front 18″ or 20″, rear 20″ or 22″ wheels on, 4 discs, lowered and suspensions are totally changed and most powerful Crate Motor available market was loaded. MOPARs with Hemi Motor were seen a lot as they were sold in market. Many New Muscle Cars had totally different intention that left no image of original.

There were many MOPAR Muscle displayed as good motor supply. My impression of this years SEMA Show are MOPAR was happening with C300, Magnum, Charger for new cars and ‘Cuda, Challenger for old cars, felt USA Car Scene is getting into like “VIP STYLE” in Japan and companion girls are getting into “Auto Salon Style” in Japan. Show was packed with buyers from all over the world.

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