オールド日本車 in OZ


ではまずGold Coast、Surfer’s ParadiseのあるBrisbane近郊でSnapした2台、カローラセリカです。


セリカが履いているのはDragwayというMade in Australiaのホイルです。このタイプのホイルとセリカは本当にGoodコンビネーションですね。他社から流用のサイドミラーもなかなかです。セリカはかっこいいですね。


最後はMelbourne(メルボルン)市内のクルーズで見かけたマツダ RX-4(日本名:ルーチェ)、ボンネット(OZはこう呼びます)にスクープが付きあやしい感じ、やはりDragway製ホイルを履き、ややロワード気味でやけにスタイルの良いRX-4です。これも日本では見られなくなったクルマですね。
もう一台は極上コンディションの日産 セドリック ステーションワゴン、これは本当にオリジナルで程度が良かったのを覚えています。
MelbourneはHot Rod Shopが沢山あるのでも有名です。もしそのタイプのクルマを見るならMelbourneが良いと思います。

Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne、何処に行きますか?

“Old Japanese Car in OZ”
This issue is about JAPANESE CAR in Australia again. It must be getting warm in Australia as spring in southern hemisphere.

First snap is Toyota Corolla and Toyota Celica, taken in Gold Coast, at the suburb of Brisbane where Surfer’s Paradise is. It’s like in California with palm tree and blue sky except the license plate and right handle. The Sun visor is must item in strong sunshine.
Wheels on Celica is called “Dragway” which is made in Australia. This type of wheels go on very well with Celica. They are really good combination. Side mirrors are from other non factory and really looks good too. Celica is a really cool car.

Next Snap is from Sydney down from Brisbane. This Toyota Corona is such a rare car with very good balance. Its hard to explain. The height, size of tires, interior and paint all is excellent. The Japanese Domestic classics built to this level and style has decreased in Japan. Its getting strange though it can be very exotic cars when finished in beautiful condition. Toyota Corona can be Cool too, they used to be more cars like these in Japan long time ago.

Last snap is taken at cruise in Melbourne city, a very nice style Mazda RX-4 with Scoop on Hood(its called bonnet in OZ) again Dragways wheel, slightly lowered height. This too is rare to see in Japan now days.

Another car is excellent condition Nissan Cedric Station Wagon which I remember was original car in superb condition. Melbourne is famous with many Hot Rod Shops in area. If you want to see those types of cars Melbourne is recommended.
Out of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne where would you like to go?

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