日本車 in Taiwan

NISSAN サニーバンだと思いますが後ドアのドアノブを埋めると2ドアワゴンのように見えますね。サンバイザー、ホワイトリボンにメッキスペーサーホイルキャップ、それにレイクパイプ、屋根にはVW用と思われるルーフラックが装着され、テールゲートガラスにも付いています。リアバンパーはメッキに変更され、極めつけは追加されたテールフィン。なかなかこのテールフィン、まとまったスタイルになっています。ただテールライトはどこにあるのでしょう?


カスタムはImage is everythingです。台湾でこの様なクルマを作るのはきっと大変な事だと思います。南国台湾、海が綺麗ですね。

“Japanese Cars in Taiwan”
There are many Japanese cars in Taiwan and this issue will show some pictures from my friend in Taiwan.

Probably Nissan Sunny Van is the base and it looks like 2 door wagon with rear door knob filled. It has sun visor, White Ribbon with chrome spacer cap, Lake Pipes and VW roof rack on the roof and on the tailgate glass. Rear bumper changed to chrome and most obvious change is the added Tailfin which happens to be in pretty good style but where is the tail light?

“Dress up” is dressing up a car with the parts that made to go on without problem (May I call) and “Custom” is using the parts that one wants to use and make it fit to a car weather it was provided to fit or not. This is the basic of “Custom” and some times we forget this basic feeling.

This car reminds me of those forgotten feelings. “Image is the Every thing” for Custom. It must be very difficult to make cars like this in Taiwan. Nice ocean view, realize Taiwan is a southern country.

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