2005年も残り僅かとなった先日、2006年にPRAとのジョイントで開催されるクォーターマイル タイムトライアルのミーティングを行いました。
この写真は昔OCIR(オレンジ カウンティ レースウェイ)で撮影したものです。
夕陽をバックにメッキ スチール ホイルに細めのドラッグスリック、クレーガーをフロントに履いた良い雰囲気な57ChevyがピットでブラックTシャツのクルーの手でレース前の準備をしています。


Meeting for 2006 PRA joint host “Quarter Mile Time Trial” was held on the other day with few days left on 2005.
This year in PRA joint host Quarter Mile Time Trial, there were 2 crashes which crashed into wall and driver stayed over night in hosiptal(it was me and my friend). With faster top speed and some doubt in drivers ability, in the two crashes both cars were total damage but drivers were lucky and with proper safety they had no major injury. Proper safety means seatbelt, helmet, grove for sure and Roll bars which will save drivers from crash and more.

This picture was taken years ago in OCIR(Orange County International Raceway).
57 Chevy With sun in back and chrome steel wheel with narrow Drag Slick, Crager S/S on front was in pit and “Black T-shirts” crew was getting ready for the race.
At this moment nobody knew what will happen later(So do I).

Than as picture 2,3&4 suddenly it happens.
Crash in to Guard Rail, rolled on side and the car was in total damage but driver was safe. That’s also because of the proper safety. The Black T-shirts Guy seems to have headaches though. Even hit by realty that cannot be rewinded if body is safe and fine cars can be built sometime.

For people who will run on SENDAI Drag Raceway in 2006 in Japan, please make sure you have proper safety regardless of the speed of your car. Its always better to be ready for more than you can imagine.
It seems that Faster the car goes less straight the car drives.

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