寒さが厳しい1月3日 朝8:30から横浜 本牧 MOONEYES Area-1駐車場で、2006年最初のモーニング クルーズがOCSAのメンバー中心に行われました。OCSA – Ocean Side Cruising Associateとは横浜のStreet Rodderを中心としたCar Clubで、Bay Areaでクルーズを始めてもう18年以上になります。
以前は毎週水曜日の夜に行っていましたが、最近は毎月第一日曜日の朝8時に集まります。朝はまず気持ちが良い、道が空いている、涼しいので特に熱に悩まされるUSA車には一番良い条件です。以前は本牧近くのドーナッツ屋でやっていましたがそこがCloseしたため、今はMOONEYES Area-1駐車場で行っています。USA車のオーナーの方はチャンスがあったら一度寄ってみてください。

MOON Cafeでは毎月第2金曜日はミニトラック&バイク、第2土曜日はMOPARのクルーズが行われています。


“The First Morning Cruise of this Year”
On cold morning of January the 3rd, the first Morning Cruise of Yokohama Honmoku MOONEYES Area-1 Parking lot for the 2006 has been held by OSCA from 8:30 in the morning. “OCSA” stands for the “Ocean Side Cruising Associate”, It is the car club based in Yokohama, with mainly street rodders and has been here for 18years since first cruise in Bay Area.

Cruise used to be on every Wednesday night but these days changed to 8 in morning for every first Sunday of month. Morning cruise is nice as its nice in morning, with no traffic and cool temp helps best for those over heated US cars. Cruise used to be held at Donut Shop near by but since that Donut Shop closed it is held at parking lot of MOONEYES Area-1. To owner of American cars please drop by when ever you have chance.

At MOON Cafe every 2nd Friday is MINI TRUCK bikes, 2nd Saturday night is MOPAR night.

Please understand that cruise is to meet and talk with friends and not gathering for violence.

Wish all best for this year.

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