カリフォルニアのNewport Beachで開催されているモーニングクルーズを以前にもMOONEYES Expressで紹介しましたが、今回もう一度そのモーニングクルーズを紹介したいと思います。


さすがカリフォルニアでもリッチピープルが沢山住んでいるBeach City Area、参加しているクルマが凄すぎて驚いてしまいました。
“Morning Cruise with High Dollar Cars”
Though I have previously introduced about Morning Cruise in Newport Beach California, I like to introduce that Morning Cruise again.

Reason for the second introduction is that it has been a long time since I went to the last ones and it has changed with more High Dollar cars attendant which I couldn’t even tell the names of. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche are easy ones and there were more cars that I don’t even know their names or recently not seen in Japan or three New GT40 were there at same spot. This Newport Beach Morning Cruise is surely not just an average cruise. The Beach City Area is full of real high income residents in California and I was really impressed with the many attendant of high dollar cars. Since I couldn’t tell the names of most cars, please take a look at pictures. The fact that these Luxury High Dollar cars gather in the morning tells the deep depth of car culture in US. This Morning Cruise is held on every Sunday from Seven o’clock. The way these people spend their early Sunday morning is different from how average people in Japan be still sleeping in bed on Sunday.

By the way, recently the Automobile Auctions in USA are seeing raise of price on famous builders cars and cars with historical backgrounds.
I guess that’s also proof of deep depth of car culture in US. On the way back from Cruise, I saw Cobra and Mercedes lightly passed us by.

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