57th Annual Grand National Roadster Show

カリフォルニア Pomonaで開催されたグランド ナショナル ロードスター ショーへ行って来ました。昔はオークランドで開催されていたので通称”オークランド ショー”と呼ばれていましたが、4、5年前から開催場所がPomonaに代わったので行きやすくなりました。

このショーの歴史は大変古く、今年で57回目となります。実はヨコハマ ホット ロッド・カスタム ショーもこのショーのようになったらいいなと思い、15年前から始めました。さすが57年の歴史はHot Rod・Customの歴史そのものです。伝統的なHot Rod・Customから現在のテクノロジーを駆使し製作された車まで、多種多様です。有名ビルダーの技術の高さが認められるのもこのショーです。有名ビルダーが製作した車はオークションで値段が高騰し、投機対象にもなっているようです。

今年のBest of Showと言える”AMBR(America’s Most Beautiful Roadster)賞”はチップフーズ製作の”Impression”と呼ばれる1936年式のFord Roadsterでした。ほとんどの部品がワンオフと言われ、その製作費用は楽に億を越していると言われていました。驚きの一台です。

今回注目すべき事はRat Rodsだけのスペースが設けられた事です。Hot Rodの第一歩、ここから始まるわけですから、このスペースを作った事は素晴らしいですね。来年はここに展示されていた車が他のショースペースに綺麗な仕上がりで展示されると未来は明るいと思います。
“57th Annual Grand National Roadster Show”
I went to the Grand National Roadster Show at Pomona California.
It was called Oakland Show as it was held at Oakland but as it moved to Pomona since 4, 5years ago, it’s now easier to go to.

The history of this show is very old and its 57th year this year. Actually I have started “YOKOHAMA Hot Rod Custom Show” 15 years ago with wish to make show like that. 57 years of show is History of Hot Rod itself.
There are various kind of cars from the traditional Hot Rod & Custom to current technology loaded cars. This show is also where the famous builders are recognised for their performance of techniques. The cars build by famous builders are traded at high price in auction and it is becoming to be one of the investment.

This year’s AMBR(America’s Most Beautiful Roadster) is said to be the best award of the year and it went to “Impression” 1936 Ford Roadster build by CHIP FOOSE. Almost all parts are build one off and its cost is guessed as easily over a billion US dollars. It is an amazing car.

There were more of superb cars and I wish best for people who was aiming for a 1st place. It happened last year too. The owners are not too happy as huge money must have been spent on. It’s a serious matter that can lead to contractors’ management problem.

This years news was that space was specially made for just Rat Rods. It is the first step of Hot Rod and as it all started from this point it was very important thing to make this space. The future is blight if these cars displayed at other show spaces with beautiful finish on next years.

There were motorcycle spaces too and Japanese builder “Chica” who is famous in California has also made entry.

Please visit this historical car show. But it was a long day at show for entrant as show close at 9pm. And that’s right, KANNON V-8 CROWN is in USA.

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