ハート オブ ヨコハマ

引越しから2週間が経ち、やっと落ち着いてきました。と言ってもまだしばらくは掛かりそうですが、とりあえずヨコハマ 本牧で業務開始です。
前回はMy Officeの半分をお見せしたので今回はその反対側です。数十年ぶりにUSAより帰国を果たしたこの日本人形は多分60年代に取引きのあった日本の
そしてArea-1隣に出来たのがNew Warehouse(NW)、ここから全世界へ商品をお届けします。
遂にMOONEYESの拠点がHeart of Yokohamaの本牧で本格稼動です。是非お立ち寄りください。
“Heart of Yokohama”
2 weeks went by and settled down from moving but sill more to go. Anyway we have started business at Honmoku, Yokohama.

Last issue I showed half of my office, so this issue is the other half. This Japanese doll has returned from USA to Japan after couple decade. Think they traveled in ’60’s to USA from someone in Japan who had trade with Dean. I will clean up my desk for next issue.

Then the New Warehouse(NW) beside Area-1 will serve our merchandise to all over the world.
Finally MOONEYES has gathered its homeland to Heart of Yokohama “Honmoku”. Please come and drop by to our New Place!

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