神奈川新聞社が年4回発行している雑誌「横濱」。2006年春号 Vol.12は特集「伝説の町・本牧」、そう、MOONEYESがある横浜・本牧特集なのです。


前回のデイトナ誌(2006年4月号 No.178)でも本牧が紹介され、何かにつけて誌面に登場する街、本牧。多くの方が本牧って何?!って思ったと思います。本牧と言えばクレイジーケンバンドの剣さん、そう横山剣さんも誌面に登場しています。

不思議な街、本牧をもっと知りたいと思う方は雑誌「横濱」を読んでみてください。表紙は69 Camaroがトンネルを抜けるシーンです。カッコいい表紙です。
“After this tunnel…”
KANAGAWA NEWS Inc has released new 2006 Spring issue vol.12 of Quarterly Magazine “YOKOHAMA” with a special report on “HONMOKU, the town with Legend”, yes its special report on Yokohama HONMOKU where MOONEYES is located at.

After the tunnel from Yokohama Motomachi, HONMOKU used to appear as some local town in daytime and switch to dark and somewhat dangerous town in a night time. The report introduces the history of HONMOKU in details.

HONMOKU has been on an article of previous Daytona Magazine like on various other articles and many people may wonder what HONMOKU is about. KEN YOKOYAMA of Crazy Ken Band represent HONMOKU area is also on this issue.

For people who want to know more on mysterious town HONMOKU, Please pick up a copy of “YOKOHAMA” and read this article. The picture on the cover of magazine is a 69 Camaro going through the Tunnel. It is a cool cover.

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