Wendover という街


Speed Weekが開催されるBonnevilleに近い、唯一の街はWendover。この街に泊まれないと隣町から毎日1~2時間近いドライブを強いられる事になります。


そのSmall Townが最も活気付くのが毎年夏に開催されるBNI主催のSpeed Week。




昔レーサー達が自分達の名前やゼッケンを書き込んだ物が今もそのまま残っています。その中に故Fred Larsenの「Larsen」も見ることが出来ます。丁寧に黒の縁取りをし、白バックに”LARSEN”と描かれ、他のどのサインよりも目だっています。こんなところにもFredの人柄が垣間見れます。決して低い山ではありませんし、足元も危なそうな所によじ登って描いたのでしょう。何十年という歴史がそのままこの岩山に残っています。昔々は宿泊施設も少なく、レーサー達はこの岩山の麓にキャンプしていたそうです。

“Town called Wendover”

Here is news for Motels around Bonneville as I wish to go but looks like I will not be able to go again this year.

Wendover is the only close by town to Bonneville where BNI Speed Week is held other wise 1-2 hours drive is necessary everyday. Wendover is half State of Utah and half State of Nevada where Nevada side has neon signs with legal gamble sight. You can stay in Utah side and go out to Nevada side at night. There is only one main street and Motels are on the side of this street.

This small town gets full of people on every summer when BNI hosted Speed Week is held. That time all Hotels in town are filled with race related guests and fee jumps and really is best time for hotel owners. Reservation are filled about a year before the event. So if you go without reservation, most likely you will not have placebo stay unless you wait for cancel by luck or pay high fee to stay. Recommend to go by camper.

These rock mountains on pictures are behind the town of Wendover. Old racers’ name and numbers are still left on the mountain. In there you can see “LARSEN” by Fred Larsen. Drawn with black edge on white back ground which stand out among others which reflect his personality. This mountain is not low and probably climbed over some rough footpath. The couple decades of history are still left on this rock mountain. In years back, there were no places to stay over night and racers used to camp by these rock mountains.

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