遂にLand Speedの祭典 Bonneville Speed Weekが来週末からソルトフラッツで開催されます。


そしてこの作りかけのRoadsterも友人のです。彼は多分来年には走れると思います。この青いエンジン分かりますか?FredがFIA 307mphの記録を作ったレコードモーターです。
先日、以前ブログで紹介したBonnevilleを舞台にした映画 “The World’s Fastest Indian”を再度観るチャンスがありました。何回観てもとても良い映画です。来年1月には日本でも公開予定だそうです。楽しみですね。
2006 Summer ハガキはMOONEYES Area-1で配布中です(数量に限りがありますので無くなり次第終了となります。御了承下さい)。
Finally the Festival of Land Speed “Bonneville Speed Week” will be held at Salt Flats from next weekend.

This year I have eagerly made way around to go to Bonneville with Blog and summer postcard etc but with my circumstances I can not go again this year. Last time I have been to was 2001 when Fred Has made the record which is five years ago. Its hard to find time to go even when you live in USA so its much harder to try to go from Japan.

This 32 Deuce is owned by my friend and he had offered me to drive it at Bonneville. Too bad that I am missing this chance.

This project Roadster is also owned by my friend. He can probably drive it next year. Can you tell what this Blue Motor is? This one is Record Motor which Fred made at FIA 307mph Record with.
I definitely want to go in next year, 2007.

On the other day I had chance to see the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian” again which I have mentioned in Blog before. Its nice movie even if I see it a few times. It will be shown in Japan from January Next year. Please look forward to it.

2006 Summer postcard is handed out in MOONEYES Area-1(limited supply end when out of stock, which please note).

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