New Beetleは何人乗り?!

台風が過ぎ去った今週木曜日、日が暮れても昼間の暑さがまだ残る熱帯夜の晩、MOON Space Agancy Manager、そしてMOONEYES Mail Magazine 編集長のKenji “the TANK” Ohtsu君(写真の手前がTank君です。なぜタンクかわかるでしょ)のNew Beetleにいったい何人乗れるか挑戦してみました。
一人一人乗り込み、最後にドアを閉めてなんと13人!誰が何処に乗っていたのか分かりませんでしたがこのメンバーが全員、あの小さなNew Beetleに入っていたのです。しかも人の熱でガラスは曇り、暑さ、熱気、臭気と車の中は最悪な環境だったのに、メンバーの中に何と女性も2名いたのです。車から出て来るまで気がつきませんでした。
英語では”Car Cramming”と呼ばれてますが日本語ではなんて説明したらいいのかな?ギネスにはMini Cooper(昔の)に18人乗ったとあります。New Beetleですから本気でやればもっと乗れたでしょうね。

このページによるとNew Beetleに27人だって!大人が乗っているのかな?MOONEYESの暑気払いでした!


“Car Cramming”
This week Thursday was the day Typhoon number 7&8 has passed Japan and Night still remained hot from heat left from day time, The MOON Space Agency Manager, and MOONEYES Mail Magazine Chief editor, Kenji “the TANK” Ohtsu. He owns New Beetle which we tried “Car Cramming” to find out how many people can get in The New Beetle at MOONEYES Area-1, Yokohama Japan.

People went in the car one by one and last one who closed the door was the thirteenth person. Cant tell who was sitting at where but all this people in the picture was on the small New Beetle. And glass was frosting with heat from people in the car and must have been the worst condition with heat, sweat and smell! And there were two girls in the car too! Which I didn’t notice until they were out of the car.

Its called Car Cramming in English and not sure what in Japanese .The Guinness Record is 18 people on Old Mini Cooper. So more people may have been in the car if we done it seriously. This web site says 27 people on the New Beetle. Wonder if that’s adult.

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