New Order Chopper Show in 神戸

8月13日(日)、神戸で開催されたNew Order Chopper Showに出展してきました。
関西で初となるChopper Onlyのショーです。しかもインドアです。
名古屋からは「灰色疑惑号」とネーミングされたパラダイスロード 下平君のショベルを筆頭に


48年の歴史に終止符を打つことになりました。また一つ古い横浜が消えて行きます。6月末で閉店した三橋レストランやこのリキシャルームのように戦後の洋食メニューが味わえるレストランはだんだん少なくなってきています。是非閉店前に食してみてください。⇒リキシャルームは8月に一旦閉店しましたが、2006年12月7日 再オープンしました。
“New Order Chopper Show in KOBE”
Went to open shop at New Order Chopper Show in KOBE on Sunday 13th of August. It’s the first Chopper Only show and It’s even an indoor show in Kansai Area(West of Japan).

Even though its first time, Over 100 bikes and more than 10 shops made entry to the show. With fine weather there were many people coming to see the show on their own bike and out side the show was full of Choppers It was good show to look.

There were Pharaos members coming to see the show from NAGOYA(Center of Japan) with Mr. Simodaira’s shovel HD “the Gray Doubt” leading the crew. Mr. Shimodaira is well know as builder of “RodRiguess“,

Finally the show I wish it will continue was hosted in KOBE. I have listed pictures of bikes that interested me.

The Ricksha Room restaurant with famous Square Pizza which represent HONMOKU, YOKOHAMA area, will close for good on August 31st. It will shortly make period to its 48 years of history. Another old school of YOKOHAMA will be gone. The restaurant where you can taste post-war Western menu like Mihashi Restaurant which closed in June and this Ricksha Room are getting less and less. Please try and taste before they close.
Thank you.
* “The Ricksha Room” which closed on this August reopened on December 7th. The diminished light of the Honmoku will re-light again.

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