Dragster is Back



色々パーツを組み付けして行くうちに問題発生、一箇所Body Panelの寸法にフレームが合ってないのです。参りました。Body Panelの新品を製作しなくてはいけません。またExtra Buckが掛かります。部品のフレームへの仮組みが終わったら一度ばらし、フレームをパウダーコートに出して、フロントアクスルをメッキに出して、Headersを作り・・・。何て言っていると10月7日に開催されるNHRA California Hot Rod Reunionにはとても間に合いそうにもありません。

Dragster is back. It’s almost a year now. We couldn’t find Front hub so we made new ones. Assemble spokes with steel rim we brought from Japan and front wheels are done. If we break it again, we will be in trouble as there are no spare.

We should have arranged all replacement parts like motor and other necessary stuff during this one year but since we were lazy on it, we have to work on headers and other stuff from now on. Can’t really move until it’s in front of you.

There was one problem found after preassembly. Frame side fitting didn’t line up with one of the Body Panel. We have to make a new body panel. Another Extra Buck. After preassemble, will take all apart to have frame powder coated, front axel chromed, Headers made and so on which looks like we will not be ready for October 7th NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion.

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