American Graffities

周辺にグラフィティーは多いのですがMOONEYES USA(MUI)は一度も描かれた事が無かったので、描く人も描いて良い場所とかを考えているのかな?と思っていましたが、今までがたまたま運が良かっただけのようです。
東京にあったMOON Equipped Shopは周りが落書きだらけでも無傷だったのですが、MUIは遂にやられてしまいました。
また、Eyeballの下の”MOON Equip. Co.”の文字は現在、横浜 本牧のMOON Garageで使っています。出来る限りDean MOONの残した物をそのままにしたいので大切に使ってきましたが、心無い連中は何処の国にもいるもんです。

1984年 LA オリンピックの時には
MOON Shopの前を聖火ランナーが通過。
In 1984 LA Olympics,
a torchbearer went by front of MOON Shop.

1983年 1992年



“American Graffities”
I have been worried about the location was not so good around MOONEYES USA but finally happened.

There are many Graffiti’s in this neighbors but MOONEYES USA (MUI) never had Gratifies drawn on, so I thought may be people who draw them think where to draw or not, but it seems that we were just lucky.

MOON Equipped shop in Tokyo had no Graffiti’s drawn even though there are many Graffiti’s in neighbors, but MUI finally got sprayed on.

This Eyeball sign is more than 40 years old and it used to be set on top of building for long time but was moved in 1992 with order by city to set back the building. The MOON Equipped Logo which was under this Eyeball is now used in MOON Garage at Honmoku, Yokohama,

I try to maintain what Dean Moon has left and taking good care for things he has left but There are people with no heart in any country. The two people who spray painted were rested by Police but we still have to paint wall and Eyeball may need rebuilding, I couldn’t help getting angry. And of course I doubt I can get them to pay for the repair.

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