Crown Picnic

19日(日)はCrown Picnicでした。
前日、久しぶりに1964 Masterline Pick Upを引っ張り出してきました。俗に言う丸テールのPick Upです。このスタイル何とも言えずカッコいいですね。あまりカッコいいので脚立を持ち出し、撮ったのがこの写真です
17回目のCrown Picnicは残念ながら雨となってしまいましたが、60台近いクラウンが集まり、
涙テールのセダンが2台、プラス ステーションワゴンが1台と希少車が勢ぞろいしました。
Crown Classicsにベースとなる丸テール クラウン ステーションワゴン3台とピック アップ1台がオーストラリアから入荷しました。会場での模様は今週末のMMM(ムーンアイズ メールマガジン)に掲載しますのでお楽しみに!
“Toyota Crown Picnic” was hosted on Sunday 19th. On day before the show, we pulled out our 1964 Toyota Masterline (sister car of Crown) Pick Up. It’s called “Crown Pick Up with Round Tail Lamp”. This style is hard to describe but looks really good. In fact it was too cool that I just had to bring the ladder to take a pictures like this.

The 17th Crown Picnic was unfortunately rained on but about 60 Toyota Crowns came to the show with very rare cars like four “Suicide Door” Crowns which was Toyota’s first exported car to United States back in 50s. one Crown Stationwagon with “Tear drop Tail Lamp” and two Crown 4dr Sedan with “Tear drop Tail Lamp” were there. They are all hard to find now.

We haven’t had rain on the past Crown Picnic events but this time we had rain for most of the day.

Crown Classics has new base cars arrived from Australia in stock, They are 3 of “Round Tail” Crown stationwagon plus Pick Up. This week ends MMM will have full coverage of the event, so please check MMM (MOONEYES MAIL MAGAZINE) too.

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