MS50 Equipped 1-JZ Motor

5ヶ月に及ぶBig Project、1970 TOYOTA Crown Super Delux MS50にToyota 1-JZ MotorへのSwapが完成しました。乗り易いの何のって、最高です。毎日乗ってますよ!





今朝 通勤途中、山下公園前のNew Grand Hotelに車を停め、もうじき葉が落ちそうな銀杏並木をバックにMS50を撮りました。このホテルも横浜の歴史的ホテルです。

“MS50 Equipped 1-JZ Motor”
The five month big project of swapping TOYOTA 1-JZ Motor on to 1970 TOYOTA Crown Super Delux MS50 has completed. It’s very easy to drive and really great. I drive it every day now.

With motor getting old and less parts available for repair there are many problems that will effect maintaining an Old Domestic car in Japan. I think there are many cases where owner will give up after fatal break down of motor and or transmission. How can owner maintain the old car when no gasket is available for original motor to overhaul?

Even if parts for this TOYOTA Crown’s Engine came in and repaired original motor, its motor from 35 years ago and same as those days. That’s pain. And its too difficult to bear anymore.

The 50 years old USA cars with V-8 had enough powers for current driving condition but old Japanese cars were weak. I used to drive the TOYOTA M motors after getting my license so I have experienced enough sluggish performance. It was only about 3 years old MS50 Sedan back then so even almost new motor was slow. I had to turn off AC in traffic to avoid overheat. I have seen some TOYOTA Crowns with 1-JZ Motor but recently the quality and techniques has advanced to have decent finish job so I made decision to GO for swap.

The condition is not fat tail pipe, big fat muffler is not my favorite so I want the exterior looks original. The Interior, especially around the gauges and dash panel has to be original, I don’t like to have CD player and or GPS placed on dash without care so all cars have very close to original interior. So unless I open the hood, its very original that’s its hard to tell that motor has been swapped.

After the swap, its fast to drive and don’t need to warm up the motor and its great. Someone asked me if it was OK thing to do this swap, I think its OK as not just motor performance changed but rather have saved one car from being pressed in junk yard.

This morning on the way to work I stopped by the New Grand Hotel in front of Yamashita-Park and took picture of MS50 and raw of maiden hair tree with leaves almost falling. This hotel is also historical hotel of YOKOHAMA.

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