Visitors #2

1月14(日)、Barracudaさん主催のDomestic CarsのMorning Cruise “MANIA CRUISE”をArea-1裏 Parking Lot.で開催しました。このMorning Cruiseは奇数月の第2日曜日に開催しています。
今回、50台近くの国産車が集まったのですが、集まったのは国産車だけでなく、USAからVisitorも2名いたのです。しかもどこかで会った事あるなーと思って話していたら、何と12月30日のブログに書いた「MarylandでMS60(クジラクラウン)を持っていて部品を探している」と言っていたSEMAショーで会った人だったのです。今回は兄弟でやって来たそうです。このCruiseの事はBarracudaさんのWebで知ったらしく、オートサロンを見て、このCruiseに来て、28日(日)のNew Year Meetingを見て帰国するそうです。凄い、日本車中心の旅です。

カーナビがあるから大丈夫と言っても日本語ですし、道のサインはおまけ程度の英語しか書いてませんし、デタラメにあっちこっち繋がっている日本の道は海外の人では簡単に運転できませんね。彼らHsu兄弟のガッツに拍手です。彼らのWebサイト “Japanese Nostalgic Car“は楽しいですよ。

夕方にはBike Shop “TT & Company“さんの高橋社長一行がツーリングの途中に立ち寄ってくれました。嬉しい事にバイクの方々の来店も増えています。TT & Companyの皆さん、寒い中ありがとうございました。

“Visitors #2”
On Sunday January 14th Morning Cruise for “Domestic Japanese Old cars-called MANIA CRUISE” was hosted by “Barracuda” at MOONEYES Area-1 parking lot in Honmoku, Yokohama. This morning cruise is hosted on every second Sunday of odd month.

There were about 50 domestic cars at this morning cruise, not only the domestics but we had 2 visitors from USA. Plus I thought I have seen before and it was on the last blog the same guy from Maryland that I met at 2006 SEMA show looking for parts for 1972 TOYOTA Crown MS60. This time he came with his brother. He found this cruise on Barracuda’s Web Site and plan was to see TOKYO Auto Salon, this Cruise and New Year Meeting on Sunday 28th. Their main trip is based on Japanese cars.

Now Japanese Nostalgic cars are getting popular among young generation in USA. On the last blog, I had mentioned that there were many people from abroad visiting MOONEYES Area-1 by train and bus but they came driving rent a car. I think it’s hard for visitors to drive in Japan with rent a car. Finally visitor from abroad has visited Area-1 by renting a car and driving to Honmoku, Yokohama.

I don’t think its easy for tourist to drive in Japan as there are only GPS in Japanese, signs on street has English with no intention to guide and road connected in various direction and places. I like to clap hands to Hsu brothers guts. Their Web Site is “Japanese Nostalgic Car” its fun to see.

In late after noon, Mr. TAKAHASHI President of Bike Shop “TT & Company” came to stop by while he was touring with his crew. It is nice to know that customer vesting Area-1 Shop by bike is increasing. I like to Thank You everyone at TT & Company for visiting us in cold weather.

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