L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

MOONEYES USA近くの古臭いShopping Centerが改装に取り掛ってかなり時間が経ちますが、最近ポツポツと看板が見えて来ました。場所が場所だけにあまり期待していませんでしたが何と、Hawaiian Barbecueで有名なL&Lの看板がポツンと見えているのです。まだ内装も何も出来ていませんが、看板だけは付いていました。嬉しいです!

しかし、このL&LのオープンでMOONEYES USAでのランチタイムはガラっと変わりますね!素晴らしい、実に素晴らしい!この町、わが町、Santa Fe SpringsにL&Lがやって来るとは思いませんでした。でも本当にこの町でやって大丈夫なんでしょうか?人の事ながらちょっと気になりますが、オープンが大変待ち遠しいです。

ムーンアイズ メール マガジン(MMM)のエディター、Tankのブログが始まりました。Tankは自分のブログで自分を追い込めば、ダイエットが達成できると思い込んでいるようです。成果を期待しましょう。

Good Luck, Tank!

City of Santa Fe Springsは今年で市政50周年という事で、記念のカレンダーが送られて来ました。その表紙裏を見ると、古い写真ですが何処と無く見慣れた風景が写っています。多分、Norwalk通りとFlorence通りの交差点で、想像ですが右側のガソリンスタンドはMOONEYES USAの前にあって最近閉店したガソリンスタンドで、左側の建物はMOONEYES USA隣のハンバーショップが出来る前の姿でしょうか?まだMOONがBloomfieldでやっている頃です。興味深い写真です。
It’s Great!
The old shopping center near MOONEYES USA has been under construction for long time and recently some signs boards are placed up. I didn’t expect too much from this renewal as location wise but sign for L&L famous Hawaiian Barbecue was there. There are no interior done yet but sign was there. That’s very nice. I am happy for it.

The neighbor hood around shop was Oil field, there were oil pumps all over. Since there are no shopping nor residential area and only oil pumps and warehouses, There are not many places to have decent food and mostly greasy foods.

But with this L&L opening, MOONEYES USA Lunch time will change drastically. It’s great really great, I never thought L&L will come to this town our town in Santa Fe Springs. But I wonder if they can do good business in here? May be none of my business but still worries me. I can’t wait to see the opening.

TANK’S BLOG has started. Tank (he is the editor of MOONEYES Mail Magazine “MMM”) thinks he can succeed his diet if he forces himself on his own BLOG. Let’s wish him well for good result.
Good Luck, Tank!

City of Santa Fe Springs has send us calendar for 50th anniversary of foundation as City. The back of cover page has old picture that look familiar. Its Norwalk Blvd and Florence Ave crossing, on the right side is a GAS Station which was recently closed. That Gas Station was in right front of MOONEYES USA. The left building must be before the Hamburger shop open. MOON was still at Bloomfield that time. That’s my guessing, I’m not sure. Very interesting pictures.

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