先週、東京代官山で行われたUSAのTattoo Artiest、Don Ed Hardy氏の作品展に行ってきました。
Ed Hardy氏と彼の作品Surfin’ Devil


I went to the USA Tattoo Artiest, Don Ed Hardy’s Exhibition at Daikanyama, Tokyo. I have known him from his friend who has been to Japan in last December to promote Japanese Kustom Kulture to abroad and this was one of the steps too but since his art work was so impressive I like to introduce his work to everyone too.

This was very special art work as traditional Japanese industrial born china “ARITA-YAKI” was used to express his art work. It was not simply putting design on born china but took one or two step ahead to use traditional procedure but expressed images are out law of the ordinary from abroad talent and those new born images and art work is making Traditional Japanese industrial are work is getting attention for more value. In among many art work of his, there are some very Japanese style design that questions us if really artist from USA has drawn this. Of course the interest went to his “ARITA-YAKI” art work with Japanese traditional and his western style art combined.

After being little impressed by looking at brand new art, I stepped outside and there was a car crashed to another car coming from behind while backing up to park the car on the street, Datsun 620 was parked on the other side of street. Tokyo was a busy place.

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