10月4日(木)、MOONEYES USAに着いてみるとFred LarsenのWife、Marylouが居るではありませんか。何をしてるのかと思ったら彼女の車にWildmanがサインを入れていたのです。と言うよりWildmanが来る情報を得て、彼女が尋ねて来たと言うほうが正解かもしれません。Good to see you, Marylou、です。

Machine ShopではChevy Novaのリアエンドを交換作業中でした。こうした作業風景って何とも70年代の南カリフォルニアを感じますね。

来週末、Bakersfieldで開催される”NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion”に展示するため急ピッチで仕上げられたのです。MOON Fuel Tankはフルポリッシュだし、クロームを新たに掛けなおしたり、勿論シャーシーは新品ですし、今まで以上に綺麗なDragsterとなりました。


MOONEYES Dragsterの写真を撮っていると、Novaのリアタイヤハウスに誰かがいます。なんとYoshi君が作業を手伝ってくれていました。

終わり際にDean MOON Jr.も出社してきて全員集合のMOONEYESでした。

On Thursday, October 4th when I got to MOONEYES USA, Fred Larsen’s wife Marylou was there, I was wondering why she was there and Wildman was drawing signs on her car. To be accurate Marylou knew Wildman was coming so she came here. Good to see you Marylou!

At Machine shop 1972 Chevy Nova had rear end changed to Ford 9″ with 4.10 and Posi. Even these work scene looks 70s’ Southern California.

And at Garage after 2.5 year from the crash on April 2005, MOONEYES Dragster was displayed to show it was completed. It was made in great rush to attend next weekend NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion at Bakersfield, Ca. MOON Fuel Tank is fully polished and New chromes are applied and frame is new too, looks like we have it cleaned better than before. The Eyeball signs are not on Body Panel so when Wildman completes signs, it will be completed.

While taking picture of MOONEYES Dragster, there is some one at the rear quarter of Nova, it is Yoshi helping them out. Dean Moon Jr. came to work at last minute, MOONEYES USA had everyone in house.

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