YOKOHAMA HOT ROD・Custom Show 2007

遂にYOKOHAMA HOT ROD・Custom Show 2007(HCS)まで1ヶ月、カリフォルニア Long Beachの倉庫には日本に送るべくクルマやバイクが集まりつつあります。

一つ残念なのは、Trevelenが製作したIndian Crazy Horseが来れない可能性が高くなってきました。最後まで交渉を続けていますが、ここ2-3日で解決出来ないとShipmentをミスしてしまいます。諦めず交渉を続けるつもりです。
Super Co. Customs Trevelen’s KIWI Indian “CRAZY HORSE”は、諸事情により展示不可能となりました。ご了承下さい。
Please note that Super Co. Customs Trevelen’s KIWI Indian “CRAZY HORSE” will not be able to attend the show due to the circumstances.

10月26日発売の雑誌 Cruisin’ #51号ではHCSに来日する人や車の特集が組まれています。【取材の様子はコチラ

KM013-051: Cruisin’ Vol.051 — 980yen


YOKOHAMA HOT ROD Custom Show 2007 Information.
Finally its one month until YOKOHAMA HOT ROD Custom Show 2007(HCS). In ware house in Long Beach, California, the bikes and cars are gathering to be shipped to Japan for the show. One thing that I am disappointed with is that “Crazy Horse” Indian build by Trevelen may not make it to the show. We will negotiate until last day but if we don’t have it solved with in these 2-3days it will miss the shipment. We are not giving up yet and will continue to negotiate.

On the Cruisin’ Magazine Issue #51 released on Oct 26th, the special issue introduce people coming to the show and guest invited to the HCS. [US Trip Report]
Its best to read this and know who you will be meeting so you can enjoy more at the show! If you haven’t looked through it, please head to the book store. Of course you can purchase through Mail Order Division by MOONEYES. The advance ticket is on sale too. So, How are you going to spend this month before the show.

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