2007年MOONEYES USA Xmas Party

今年のMOONEYES USA Xmas Partyは奇跡でした。まさにミラクル!です。




朝3時に起きて外を見ると道路はWet、「Oh, man!」。会場へ向かう車の中は何となく重たい空気が流れていましたが、Racewayに近づくに従い空は明るくなり、星も見えてきました。「ひょっとすると今日は化けるかも」という期待が膨らみ始め、実際、そうなりました!何と快晴です!ミラクル!風は冷たかったけど、最高の天気になったのです。

Cakle Fest.

Live Music、Pinstripe、Pinup Girls Contest、Choppers & Bobbers、Hot Rods、Customs and Drag Raceが一度に楽しめるイベント、MOONEYES USA Xmas PartyはSouthern CaliforniaのカルチャーがすべてIrwindale Racewayに集まり、まさに南Californiaです。これにSurfin’が加わればまさに1960sのSouthern Californiaがそこにあります。

Blue Sky、Palm Tree、Hot Rods and MOONEYES、南カリフォルニアです。天気が影響して出だしは遅かったですが、素晴らしい一日になりました。横浜のショーで会った人達に会えたのも大変嬉しかったです。詳しくは来週、MOONEYES Mail Magazine 特集ページでお送りします。Thanks Dean MOON!来年もIrwindaleで会いましょう!

Junichi from Paradise Road

Jim Dunn Family

MOONEYES Sweden, Hank Family

Dena and Jimmy C




Kennedy Bros. Surf Wagon

Mr. & Mrs. Kutty

Mr. & Mrs. Pizz


Pinup Girl Contestは大変な盛り上がり

Yoshi’s Triumph


SO-CAL Owner, Pete

Doug, Dean & Chico


MOONEYES USA Xmas Party 2007
This year’s MOONEYES USA Xmas Party was like a miracle. In fact it was a real miracle.

The weather forecast said rain on show day, plus the storm was coming too. It was the worst story, “It’s Southern California, That can’t be true.” So we denied but the weather was really going down fall from Thursday and Friday was worst with on and off rain, plus on top of that it was really cold. Couldn’t even do good set up at show space.

On the previous night it rained on hard, “looks like its going to rain tomorrow”, rain on previous day of event looses all our up tension for next day. That happens in Japan often but not in Southern California where weather is expected to be fine and sunny, it makes me depressed.

At 3am in the morning, I looked out side, the road was wet, “Oh, Man!” It was heavy atmosphere on the way to the show, but as getting closer to the raceway the sky was getting clear and even stars appeared. “May be weather will turn around today.” So our expectation grew, and really it turned out to be like that. It was clear sky, like a miracle, The wind was cold but the weather was great.

Live Music, Pinstripe, Pinup Girls Contest, Choppers & Bobbers, Hot Rods, Customs and Drag Race, you can enjoy all in one place.

MOONEYES USA Xmas Party is really event of Southern California, with all Southern California Culture, at Southern California Irwindale Raceway. If ” Surfin” is added it will be Southern California of 1960’s. Blue Sky, Palm Tree, Hot Rods and MOONEYES, its all Southern California.

The weather had effect on slow start but it turned out to be a great day. It’s nice to see all people we saw at YOKOHAMA HOT ROD Custom Show. Will have more on next week’s MOONEYES Mail Magazine special page. Thanks Dean MOON!

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