新年にArea-1 & Cafeにお越し下さった方々

新年 明けましておめでとうございます。

新年にMOONEYES Area-1 & Cafeにご来店下さった方々を紹介します。

HD riders from France. Recently more people from Europe are visiting.

OSCA-Ocean Side Cruising Association gathered for New Year Cruise, it is 20th Anniversary this year. People who visited that day was lucky to see many OSCA member cars.

今年20周年を迎えるOSCA – Ocean Side Cruising Association。New Year Cruiseで集まってくださいました。この日Area-1 & Cafeに来店された方はOSCAメンバーのクルマが沢山見れて、運が良かったですね。

One Low VW Drag Race Car Driver Mr. Aihara and Mr. Kinoshita who is also One Low Member and long time customer of MOONEYES since before its opening were here with Speedster.

One Low VW Drag Race CarのDriver 相原さんと、One Low MemberでMOONEYES開店以前からのMOONEYESのお客様の木下さん、2人でSpeedsterでご来店でした。

In the late afternoon, the Domestic(Japanese Car) “KousokuYuen” people.


Big MOONEYES Fan having Tacos in MOON Cafe.
MOON CafeでTacosをほおばるMOONEYES Fan

Pinstriper, T’s Design Mr. Tanaka and his family and friends had visited MOON Cafe.
Pinstriper, T’s Design 田中さんもご家族とご友人とMOON Cafeをご利用頂きました。

The Domestic Hot Rodder Mr. Suzuki has visited with his car.
国産Hot Rodderの鈴木さんも愛車でご来店。

Ken Automotive who specialize in Toyota Old CROWN visited with his family.
クラウンを専門に扱っているKen Automotiveさんもご家族でお越し下さいました。

Deuce Factory Mr. Kasai visited with his car NISSAN Escargot(S-Cargo).
Deuce Factoryの笠井さんも愛車エスカルゴで。

Mr. and Mrs. Dr Tanaka and their Dog. Dr Tanaka is famous for making mouth piece for combative sports fighters, also collector of Shelby American stuff.


Mr. Hidemitsu Satoh of Cools visited shop with his friends on 6 Tricks.




Happy New Year.

Like to introduce people visited MOONEYES Area-1 & MOON Cafe in New Year.

Apology for many people who has visited but didn’t have chance to take a picture. Thank you everyone for coming to shop.

Wish all the best for 2008 too.

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