Y30 Speed Master Wheel

そう言えば、1月18日の”Mr. Blueのひとり言“で「Y30にSpeed Master Wheelを入れる」って大きく記事になっていましたが、結果も聞いていないなければ見てもいないし、しかもMr. Blueのブログには付けているフリの画像はあるけど、装着結果写真は掲載すらされていない。

この方がMr. Blueです


そうこうしていたら、そのY30がSpeed Master Wheelを履いてArea-1に来店してくれた。

早速写真を撮らせて貰ったので、Mr. Blueの代わりに掲載します。なかなかカッコいいではありませんか!オーナーの山田さん、次の週にも来店してくれて、オプションのセンターキャップを購入、さすが分かっていますね。

Speed Master Wheel on Nissan Y30
By the way on January 18th Blog called “Talking to my self” by Mr. Blue, there was a big article about “trying to fit the Speed Master Wheel on Nissan Y30″ but heard nothing and see nothing after that. His Blog has picture with him pausing to fit on, but has no picture of car with this set of wheels on.

On his blog he says he will fit them on soon but has no report after that. Mean while that Nissan Y30 came to Area-1 with Speed Master Wheels on. So, I took some pictures and will put them up on be half of Mr. Blue. Now with wheels on Y30 Looks cool doesn’t it? Mr. Yamada, the owner was nice enough to visit MOONEYES Area-1 shop again in week after that and purchased the option parts of New 5 ear center cap for wheels. As might have been expected, He knows what to do.

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