Modified Roadster


さて、MOONEYES USAではModified Roadsterが逆さまになり、アルミ板が張られ、Motorもバラバラになっている状態でした。このMotorはFred Larsenが300mphを記録したRecord Motorです。これから組み直しをして載せようと言うのです。何マイル出るか期待するより、まずクルマが完成する事に期待したいです。

When I arrived at LAX, beautiful cherry I think it is “Yae-zakura” was in blossom. I have arrived and departed so many times but never noticed this beautiful flower in blossom before.

Now at MOONEYES USA, Modified Roadster was set up side down with aluminum sheet fixed on to cover underneath and motor was taken all apart. This motor is the Record Motor which Fred Larsen made 300 mph record. Plan is to assemble this motor and loaded on. First hope this Roadster will be completed and then hope about how many miles per hour this Roadsters will make on top speed.

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