DicE Magazine Party

先週末はCulver CityでDicE Magazine #19 Issue Partyでした。

内容はGrand National Roadster ShowにエントリーしたHamans Chop ShopのHDや、僕のブログで紹介してきたYoshi君のTriumph [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ]、Japan情報など、盛り沢山の素晴らしい内容です。来週入荷予定です。

会場には19時頃に着きましたが、今CaliforniaはSummer Timeが始まり、この時期のこの時間でもまだ明るかったです。日が長いと夕食を取るチャンスを多々失うこともありますが、日が長いと楽しいですよね。

Culver Cityと言う場所柄、多くのCity Bikersが参加していました。

Garage Company オーナーのYoshiさんもレアパーツ満載のCB750 Cafe Racerで参加していました。


そこはDicE Magazineの懐の深さでしょうか、Japanese Bikeや


帰り道、Isky Racing Cam発祥の地の前を通りました。まだ当時のビルがそのまま、サインもそのままです。

Southern Californiaで創業当時からの建物で商売を継続しているのはIsky、DeistそしてMOON位かもしれません。

DicE Magazine hosted #19 Issue Party on last weekend at Culver City. This issue covers HD by Hamans Chop Shop in Kyoto Japan who made entry to Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, Yoshi-kun’s Triumph[ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ] which was mentioned in my blog, All report from Dice trip to Japan and just full of great contents inside. This issue will arrive on next week to Area-1 Shop in Honmoku JAPAN.

Summer time has already begun in California and it was still blight for this season and time when I arrived around 7pm at the Party. When day light saving time are long sometimes loose chance to eat dinner but at same time its more fun to enjoy long day light hours.

Since it was hosted in Culver City, many City Bikers had joined the party. “Garage Company” owner Mr. Yoshi was there too with his CB750 Cafe Racer loaded with bunch of rare parts. Many Harley Davidson were there but many Japanese motorcycles and Triumphs were there too, Party showed how widely “DicE Magazine” have attracted interest to all kinds.

Drove by the originated Place of Isky Racing Cam on the way back. The building is same building as back than and the Sign is same too. There are only few company existing in same building as founded in Southern California and probably just Isky, Deist and MOON in our business.

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