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Dean MOONが昔販売していた、「Land Speed Record」と言うビデオテープをDVD化し、発売開始です。
しかしそれを修正すると、Deanらしさがそこなわれるので修正一切なし。 そのままコピーしました。
この音声なしのシーンは、MOONBeamの走行シーン(Dean MOONもちょっと映っています)や、

MOON Equipment Co内でMOONEYES Dragsterを囲んだ撮影シーン等が出てきます。
その後、MOONLinerが、キリンメッツCFや、タバコ"555"、ビールのBudwiser等のTV CFに登場しているシーンや、
Summers Brothersの作った392Hemiが4機も載った、Streamliner, Golden Rodの製作過程から、
記録を樹立するまでのシーンとか、Spirit of America1の走行シーン等、貴重な映像が沢山です。
仕上がりはちょっと雑ですが、Dean MOONが作り、販売していたビデオテープそのままです。
昔はこんなビデオでも「売れたんだー」って思ってください。 今ではクレームの嵐でしょう。
画像が飛んだり、切れたり、空白があったり、音声がダブったり、無かったり、聞き辛かったり、色々ありますが、Dean MOONのビデオ、時代を感じてください。

これからも音声の無い8mm時代のBonnevilleや、Ed Big Daddy Rothが発売していたビデオを、DVD化し発売予定です。

New Product Introduction

An old video tape that Dean Moon used to sell called, "Land Speed Record,"is
now available in DVD format.
The original video was made by Dean himself and the finish quality was quite
homemade (amateur video).
However, correcting the production and finish would take away the nostalgic
homemade charm that this video has.
Therefore, the DVD version is a direct copy of the original.

The first several minutes shows video (visual) but no sound (audio).
This is just how the original video was too (not a defect).
During this portion of the video, scenes include the MOONBeam (you can see Dean
momentarily too) and inside the MOON Equipment Co.
where the MOONEYES Dragster is displayed.

Then, TV CF footage and appearances of the MOONLiner with several commercial
companies are shown including
KIRIN METS CF(Japanese Beverage Co.), "555"(Tobacco) and Budweiser
(Beer Co.).
Other footage includes the Streamliner built by the Summers Brothers called
"Golden Rod" that used four 392 Hemi engines.
the build process of Golden Rod, to the scene of its land speed record run.
Spirit of America 1 is also shown.
There are a lot of rare clips and valuable scenes shown.

The KIRIN METS CF was also shown on Japanese TV back in 80’s.

Although the quality is crude by today’s standards, it is the exact way that
Dean Moon originally put it together and offered it for sale.
From a historical standpoint you can say, "So, this is what video tapes
were like back then."
You can imagine the claims if this was produced and marketed today.
Images that are out of focus, blurred, high contrast, low light, cut off, white
washed, sound loss, sound fragmented, flooded by background noise, and you can
go on and on…
but again, it is by Dean Moon. Please think of it as "Period Correct".

In an attempt to keep that same period feeling, the DVD packaging uses the same
content as the original video tape release and includes the original caption
created by Dean on the back.
(Dean originally sold this in VHS and BETA!)

And then there’s this video that I purchased from Dean.
This is a soundless 8mm generation shot video of 50’s & 60’s Bonneville
by Fred Larsen.
Also, "How to Fiberglas" by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and more
will be available soon.
Plans are in the works for it to be sold in DVD format.
This one will not be edited either.

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