MIM 2号は10月31日発売予定です!

MOON Illustrated Magazine (略してMIM)#2の製作が佳境に入っています。
We are currently in the production phase of MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) #2.
Volume 2 will be in English and Japanese text (bilingual).
2号目は、4月の1号発行以降発売された商品を中心に、カタログページは全体の1/3, のこり2/3は南カリフォルニア取材とか、読み物満載となる予定です。
Volume 2 will feature all the new products since volume 1 was released in April. The Catalog portion will take up 1/3 and the remainder 2/3 will be dedicated to event coverage, articles and other cool Southern California style content to enjoy and read.

Initially it was scheduled to release October 25 (Saturday) but with much pressure, it has been pushed back to October 31 (Friday).

We hope you all enjoy it when it comes out!


[English version below]
21日(日)、11回目のオール オッズ ナショナルズでした。 



250台近くのOddが集まったAONで 僕の個人的なPickはこの5台。

It was the 11th ALL ODDS Nationals (AON) event on the 21st (Sunday).

Last year there was heavy rain in the morning. This year, heavy rain came in the afternoon. At least the rain didn’t come down too much in the morning, so that was a good thing.

It should be sunny all day long next year.

There were over 250 “Odd” vehicles that gathered at AON. Personally, these were my five favorite Picks:

1)最近初期Zが カッコ良く見えてきました。
  CA Styleですね。

1.) Lately, the first generation Z from Nissan (Datsun) looks really cool.
This Z, although I’ve liked this one for a long time, is one nice looker.
It has CA Style.


2.) Another one I like is this Toyota Corona.
This Corona has all the right stuff for a great overall look.

3)Crown WGN, 高速有鉛誌、Cruisin’誌の誌面にも登場した 

3.) This Crown with its straight body has been featured in the pages of Crown WGN, Kousoku Yuen Magazine and Cruisin Magazine. It is really nice to see someone motivated enough to complete a Japanese Domestic car in this way. This one might be the one and only type like this.

4)Mitsubishi セレステ(USではPlymouth Arrow)です。これはカッコイイ、オーナーはBig MOONEYES Fanです。

4.) Mitsubishi Celeste a.k.a Plymouth Arrow in US. This Celeste is really awesome. He is big fan of MOONEYES.

5)そして今年のBest of AONは Pink Beauty Ring、Pink Hood Bra
  そしてKZ Studioを彷彿させるPaint 620です。
  隣の620も良かったのですが、Final Gearを思い出しました。

5.) And finally, the Best of AON which featured Pink Beauty Rings, a Pink Hood Bra and a custom paint job with a close resemblance to Old KZ Studio in Japan back in 80s, was this Datsun 620 pickup.
The other trucks next to it were all looking great too, like ex Final Gear Co., taste.

California Sunshine

[English version below]

MOON Illustrated 2号の製作に取り掛かり、古いネガを整理していたら、何てことない70年代後半か80年代前半の街の一コマがあったので、プリントしてみました。

Production has started for MOON Illustrated no.2 so we were sorting through old
negatives when out came these old slides from the later half of the 70s to early
80s. So they were printed.

405 San Diego FWYと、101 Ventura FWYが交差する、Vannuys付近です。
スクールバスだけは当時も今も変わりませんが、他の車は殆ど街で見なくなりました。California Blue Plateがいいですね。
Vannuys area where 405 San Diego FWY and 101 Ventura FWY cross over.

Aside from the School Bus, which hasn’t changed even today, just about all
the other cars are not seen on the streets anymore.

The California Blue Plate is real cool.

67 Camaro RSは、リアにFat Tire、こう言うHot Rodはどこにも居ましたし、セリカも良く見かけました。
This is an ordinary parking lot. ’67 Chevy Camaro RS with FAT rear tires.

Hot Rods like these where everywhere, even Toyota Celica was real common
to see.
Ford カプリが2台、あれだけポピュラーだったカプリもまったく見なくなりました。
Ford はFord でも、ヨーロッパFord の車は日本にもCA にも残っていませんね。
The university student that owned the car that was photographed in the parking
lot of the college dormitory where I had been living at the time.
Two Ford Capris. That popular of a car, now a days you don’t even see a

Ford in Europe, Ford in Japan, just Ford as Ford cars from that period don’t
seem to exist anymore.

And lastly, yet another Celica. And two of them at that. The cars stopped,
the students walking, it really has that 70s feeling.

寮内の Myデスクです。
My dorm room desk. Do you remember the "FEN" stickers? My friend
from Japan sent it to me. Looks like in Japan lifted 4WD Hilux trucks were

Brand new C-10 truck and bright amigo friends. For some reason this period
in California seems really bright.

MOON Illustrated #2は、10月25日の発売を目指してがんばっています。
勿論、全国書店、またはMOONEYES Online Shop, MOONEYES Area-1,
MOONEYES Dealersでご購入いただけます。

ヨコハマ ホット ロッド・カスタム
ショーのデモリールを Up しました
。是非 ご覧下さい。

MOON Illustrated #2 is scheduled to go on sale Oct. 25, 2008. We are doing our
best to make sure it releases on time.
It will be on sale at all bookstores throughout Japan. Of course, also at MOONEYES
Online Shops, MOONEYES Area-1 and MOONEYES Dealers.
We hope everyone is excited about it as us.

Please Enjoy! YOKOHAMA HOT ROD Custom Show Demo

帰ってきたMOON Buggy

[English version below]

MOON Buggyが帰ってきました。

3~4年前に発売された洋書、”Dune Buggies”の表紙になりました。

The MOON Buggy has come home.
Built in 1999, that is to say, it’s already been close to 10 years now.
The previous owner took such great care of the car that even after 10 years, there
are no problems at all.
Even though summer is now over, there is still plenty of time to drive it.

It was featured on the cover of a book that was published about 3-4 years ago
called, Dune Buggies.


[English version below]

何故か「Devin」の資料がほしい、「MOON Transporter」の資料は無いか?とか、海外から立て続けにリクエストが入り、Dean MOONの古いファイルを探していたら、1951年12月号、Hop
Up マガジンを発見!

なんと表紙には、"MOON Bros 141mph Sedan"。
昔 Deanは、兄と一緒にレースをやっていたそうです。

そして中ページには何と、Fred Larsenが彼のRoadsterで、141.73mph、2等賞と掲載されいるではありませんか。 
Dean MOONはファイルをしっかり作ってあったので、50年後の今でも大変助かります。

< Devin >



*このMOON Transporterは、50年代メルセデスが作った物を真似て、El Caminoのキャビンを利用して作られた物を、後にDean MOONが手に入れた物です。


< Mercedes Transporter >

For some reason, there was a request from abroad for "Devin" materials
and another request for "MOON Transporter" materials – if anything still
While searching through Dean MOON’s old files, this December 1951 HOP UP magazine
was found with the "MOON Bros 141mph Sedan" on the front cover.

A long time ago, Dean and his older brother used to race together as MOON

Then within the pages, low and behold a photo of Fred Larsen and his "beautiful
metallic green Roadster" that turned 141.73mph to tie for second place!

Dean MOON had always kept really good files and even after 50 years have survived.

* Devin is the name of a kit car that the MOONBEAM was based from.
Devin also made VW based kit cars as well.

* This MOON Transporter was an idea taken from a 50s Mercedes, but built using
a 59 El Camino cab.
Dean MOON acquired it after it was started.
Now, this idea is possibly being revived and the person responsible is the one
requesting the materials.

El Camino Nationals

[English version below]

今年からBlue Panic主催になるはずだった、El Camino Nationals、限りなく延期となったそうです。

The El Camino Nationals event was going to be sponsored by Blue Panic starting this year but it seems it has been postponed.
For detailed information please visit their website.

HCS 2008

[English version below]

Rod・Custom Show

’53 Buick Skylark

’57 Chevy Gasser
Build by Jimmy Shine
from So-Cal Speed Shop


4Q Conditioning
Max Schaaf’s HD
The Crazy Fast Cracker
Tom Foster’s HD
John Edwards’ HD Sinners Rico’s HD


and more!

そして、先のBonnevilleでクラスレコードを記録した、Chicoの27 Roadster もどうかなって検討中です。

追伸:Yoshi’s Trumph はSoldとなりました。

Details of the Hot Rod Custom Show coming up this year are almost completed.

Right now there are 2 cars and 4 bikes, plus Chico’s ’27 Roadster that made a
new class record at Bonneville is being considered.

More information will increase starting now. There will be updates posted here
as we get closer to the show.
This year it will be on December 7, Sunday.

PS:Yoshi’s Trumph is Sold.

Labor Day Weekend

[English version below]

先週末はLabor Day Weekend(土日月)、多くの学校が始まったと思ったら、いきなり3daysのホリデー。

この3日間、皆、結構動きまわる。Venturaで開催されるPrimer Nationalsに向かう車の中、「事故が一番多いのがホリデー初日の土曜日」と、ラジオで言っているそばから渋滞が始まり、



<The entire car burned! >



<This natural gets congested.>
<Bikes move swiftly.>

結局、Orange CountyからVenturaまで約150マイル、1時間半で行ける所に3時間も掛ってしまった。

<This is Mr. Kasai of Deuce Factory who’s always at major shows. >

この週末はとにかくイベントも多い。Venturaで2days Car ShowのPrimer Nationals,

Orange Countyでは、3daysのCar Show, Labor Day Cruise,

<Exhibited inside the Shop were photographs by ZAP and Kimura’s bike

そして31日(日)はVenturaで、 Dan CollinsのNew Garageのオープンハウス、とにかく忙しい。

<We meet again Zap!>

土曜日にPrimer Nationals、日曜日午前中にLabor Day Cruise、そして午後にまたVenturaに行き、DonのOld Goldガレージへ、そして月曜日には日本へと、慌しく僕のホリデーは終わってしまった。

Last weekend was Labor Day Weekend (Sat Sun Monday) and to think most of the schools
just started their year, suddenly had a 3 day holiday. If you think everyone stays
home to relax because they had the entire summer vacation to play, think again
because it’s far from it. This 3 day weekend everyone is out and about.

While driving to the Primer Nationals in Ventura, the voice on the radio says
the first Saturday of a holiday has the highest number of accidents. Right after
that the traffic begins to slow down. Just as I thought it was an awkward place
to have congestion right here, it was a traffic accident!

It took 60 minutes to drive 6 miles, to the actual scene of the accident and after
we passed the opposite side was backed up from onlookers. What normally takes
1.5 hours to travel 150 miles, from Orange County to Ventura, ended up taking
3 hours.

This weekend also has a lot of events taking place. In Ventura is the 2 day car
show, Primer Nationals, in Orange County is the 3 day car show, Labor Day Cruise
then on the 31st (Sunday) in Ventura is Dan Collins’ Open House for his new garage.
At any rate it was busy.

On Saturday it was to Primer Nationals, then Sunday morning the Labor Day Cruise
and in the afternoon it was back to Ventura to Dan’s Old Gold Garage. Then, on
Monday it was back to Japan and in a flurry my holiday was over.