Labor Day Weekend

[English version below]

先週末はLabor Day Weekend(土日月)、多くの学校が始まったと思ったら、いきなり3daysのホリデー。

この3日間、皆、結構動きまわる。Venturaで開催されるPrimer Nationalsに向かう車の中、「事故が一番多いのがホリデー初日の土曜日」と、ラジオで言っているそばから渋滞が始まり、



<The entire car burned! >



<This natural gets congested.>
<Bikes move swiftly.>

結局、Orange CountyからVenturaまで約150マイル、1時間半で行ける所に3時間も掛ってしまった。

<This is Mr. Kasai of Deuce Factory who’s always at major shows. >

この週末はとにかくイベントも多い。Venturaで2days Car ShowのPrimer Nationals,

Orange Countyでは、3daysのCar Show, Labor Day Cruise,

<Exhibited inside the Shop were photographs by ZAP and Kimura’s bike

そして31日(日)はVenturaで、 Dan CollinsのNew Garageのオープンハウス、とにかく忙しい。

<We meet again Zap!>

土曜日にPrimer Nationals、日曜日午前中にLabor Day Cruise、そして午後にまたVenturaに行き、DonのOld Goldガレージへ、そして月曜日には日本へと、慌しく僕のホリデーは終わってしまった。

Last weekend was Labor Day Weekend (Sat Sun Monday) and to think most of the schools
just started their year, suddenly had a 3 day holiday. If you think everyone stays
home to relax because they had the entire summer vacation to play, think again
because it’s far from it. This 3 day weekend everyone is out and about.

While driving to the Primer Nationals in Ventura, the voice on the radio says
the first Saturday of a holiday has the highest number of accidents. Right after
that the traffic begins to slow down. Just as I thought it was an awkward place
to have congestion right here, it was a traffic accident!

It took 60 minutes to drive 6 miles, to the actual scene of the accident and after
we passed the opposite side was backed up from onlookers. What normally takes
1.5 hours to travel 150 miles, from Orange County to Ventura, ended up taking
3 hours.

This weekend also has a lot of events taking place. In Ventura is the 2 day car
show, Primer Nationals, in Orange County is the 3 day car show, Labor Day Cruise
then on the 31st (Sunday) in Ventura is Dan Collins’ Open House for his new garage.
At any rate it was busy.

On Saturday it was to Primer Nationals, then Sunday morning the Labor Day Cruise
and in the afternoon it was back to Ventura to Dan’s Old Gold Garage. Then, on
Monday it was back to Japan and in a flurry my holiday was over.

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