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何故か「Devin」の資料がほしい、「MOON Transporter」の資料は無いか?とか、海外から立て続けにリクエストが入り、Dean MOONの古いファイルを探していたら、1951年12月号、Hop
Up マガジンを発見!

なんと表紙には、"MOON Bros 141mph Sedan"。
昔 Deanは、兄と一緒にレースをやっていたそうです。

そして中ページには何と、Fred Larsenが彼のRoadsterで、141.73mph、2等賞と掲載されいるではありませんか。 
Dean MOONはファイルをしっかり作ってあったので、50年後の今でも大変助かります。

< Devin >



*このMOON Transporterは、50年代メルセデスが作った物を真似て、El Caminoのキャビンを利用して作られた物を、後にDean MOONが手に入れた物です。


< Mercedes Transporter >

For some reason, there was a request from abroad for "Devin" materials
and another request for "MOON Transporter" materials – if anything still
While searching through Dean MOON’s old files, this December 1951 HOP UP magazine
was found with the "MOON Bros 141mph Sedan" on the front cover.

A long time ago, Dean and his older brother used to race together as MOON

Then within the pages, low and behold a photo of Fred Larsen and his "beautiful
metallic green Roadster" that turned 141.73mph to tie for second place!

Dean MOON had always kept really good files and even after 50 years have survived.

* Devin is the name of a kit car that the MOONBEAM was based from.
Devin also made VW based kit cars as well.

* This MOON Transporter was an idea taken from a 50s Mercedes, but built using
a 59 El Camino cab.
Dean MOON acquired it after it was started.
Now, this idea is possibly being revived and the person responsible is the one
requesting the materials.

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