California Sunshine

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MOON Illustrated 2号の製作に取り掛かり、古いネガを整理していたら、何てことない70年代後半か80年代前半の街の一コマがあったので、プリントしてみました。

Production has started for MOON Illustrated no.2 so we were sorting through old
negatives when out came these old slides from the later half of the 70s to early
80s. So they were printed.

405 San Diego FWYと、101 Ventura FWYが交差する、Vannuys付近です。
スクールバスだけは当時も今も変わりませんが、他の車は殆ど街で見なくなりました。California Blue Plateがいいですね。
Vannuys area where 405 San Diego FWY and 101 Ventura FWY cross over.

Aside from the School Bus, which hasn’t changed even today, just about all
the other cars are not seen on the streets anymore.

The California Blue Plate is real cool.

67 Camaro RSは、リアにFat Tire、こう言うHot Rodはどこにも居ましたし、セリカも良く見かけました。
This is an ordinary parking lot. ’67 Chevy Camaro RS with FAT rear tires.

Hot Rods like these where everywhere, even Toyota Celica was real common
to see.
Ford カプリが2台、あれだけポピュラーだったカプリもまったく見なくなりました。
Ford はFord でも、ヨーロッパFord の車は日本にもCA にも残っていませんね。
The university student that owned the car that was photographed in the parking
lot of the college dormitory where I had been living at the time.
Two Ford Capris. That popular of a car, now a days you don’t even see a

Ford in Europe, Ford in Japan, just Ford as Ford cars from that period don’t
seem to exist anymore.

And lastly, yet another Celica. And two of them at that. The cars stopped,
the students walking, it really has that 70s feeling.

寮内の Myデスクです。
My dorm room desk. Do you remember the "FEN" stickers? My friend
from Japan sent it to me. Looks like in Japan lifted 4WD Hilux trucks were

Brand new C-10 truck and bright amigo friends. For some reason this period
in California seems really bright.

MOON Illustrated #2は、10月25日の発売を目指してがんばっています。
勿論、全国書店、またはMOONEYES Online Shop, MOONEYES Area-1,
MOONEYES Dealersでご購入いただけます。

ヨコハマ ホット ロッド・カスタム
ショーのデモリールを Up しました
。是非 ご覧下さい。

MOON Illustrated #2 is scheduled to go on sale Oct. 25, 2008. We are doing our
best to make sure it releases on time.
It will be on sale at all bookstores throughout Japan. Of course, also at MOONEYES
Online Shops, MOONEYES Area-1 and MOONEYES Dealers.
We hope everyone is excited about it as us.

Please Enjoy! YOKOHAMA HOT ROD Custom Show Demo

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