Sunday 9月28日は不安定な天気ではありましたが PRA Fall National & So Cal Speed Trialが無事開催されました。Super Shotが主催するSo Cal Speed Trialは 煙モクモク、9秒台続出、凄い一日でした。
With unstable weather on Sunday, September 28, the PRA Fall National & So Cal Speed Trial was successfully held. Super Shot sponsored So Cal Speed Trial filled the air with smoke and recorded several 9-second runs for a full day of excitement.

この’66 Novaは、この日最速の9.463秒を記録。
This ’66 Nova ran the fastest of the day at 9.463 seconds,

2番目が ’73 Camaro、9.688秒。しかし9秒台4台中3台がBig Blockという中、このCamaroはSmall Blockです。驚きの速さです。
followed close by number 2, a ’73 Camaro with 9.688 seconds.
However, out of the four cars that ran in the 9 second bracket, 3 were Big Blocks and this Camaro with a Small Block. It was surprisingly fast.

3番目は ’69 Chevelle、9.908秒、
Third fastest time was a ’69 Chevelle at 9.912 seconds,

次が ’69 Camaro、9.912秒でした。
and a ’69 Camaro with 9.912 seconds, just making it in the 9’s.
These cars are getting faster and it’s very scary to watch in person.

この貴重な ’70 Camaro Z28は12.491秒、
This valuable ’70 Camaro Z28 ran at 12.491 seconds.

ちょっと遅れてMOONEYESの’72 Novaが12.497秒。
Just behind that was the MOONEYES ’72 Nova at 12.497 seconds. The Nova was using normal tires but managed to smoke ’em like this all four times. With less than 50km of use, these were still new tires but the tread was almost gone by the day’s end.

女性ドライバーIgnite Magazine発行人の佐久間さんの ’67 Camaroは遂にフロントが上がりました!タイムもどんどんよくなり10秒台もすぐ近くの11.045秒。凄い!
Ignite Magazine’s female driver, Ms. Sakuma, in her ’67 Camaro finally got the front wheels off the ground! She also improved her time with every pass, getting closer to the 10s. She clocked in at 11.045 seconds. That’s GREAT!

静岡県富士市から自走参加の ’74 Ford Marvericは思ったほどタイムが伸びず15.735秒、床屋さんのオーナーちょっと悩んでいました。
This ’74 Ford Maverick drove to the day’s event from Fuji, in Shizuoka-ken. The barber shop owner was a little worried though, with a 15.735 second time.

PRAではベテランの西谷さん、大友さんもNew Machineでモクモクでしたし、
The veterans of PRA, Mr. Nishitani and Mr. Otomo had brought a New Machine.

Nao from Flat-4 was there too. They all drove real hard.

帰りの東北道は栃木インター付近から「11キロ 120分」なんて事故渋滞もあり、ヘラヘラで走っていると偶然V-Woodyと遭遇。彼は仙台にはいませんでしたから、どこから現れたのでしょうか?
On the way home on Tohoku HWY, there was an accident on Tochigi-Interchange that backed up traffic, taking 120 minutes to travel only 11km (almost 7 miles). It was a slow ride home. Just by chance, we saw the V-Woody. He wasn’t there in Sendai with us so I wonder where he was traveling from?

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