VW Type-II Party

Type-II Party、その昔秘密裏に「タイクツ パーティー」と呼ばれていました。昨年までは赤レンガ倉庫となりの埠頭で開催していましたが、そこ建物が立ってしまったので、今年は本牧 MOONEYES Area-1裏で開催しました。
A red brick warehouse is what became of the previous meeting place for the Type-II Party on the pier and now that a building is there, this year the meeting was held in the rear parking area at HONMOKU Area-1.

これが思いのほかコンパクトにまとまり、エントリー台数が減り続けるこのイベントにはちょうど良い開催場所となりました。と言っても Type-II 55台、Swap Meet 30軒と見ごたえあるイベントにが変わりありません。


Initially, a compact area like this wasn’t desired but each year the number of entries have slightly decreased for this event and the results made it a perfect size meeting space.
With that said, there were 55 T-2 vehicles and 30 Swap Meet spaces filled which truly was something to see. To everyone and all the entrants, thank you very much for coming out.

今回、一番気になったのはこのType-IIでした。とにかく低い、Low, Lower, Lowest? こんな進行形あるか分かりませんが、その位い低くてカッコ良かったです。
This was the most interesting T-II this time. At any rate, it was low. Low, Lower, Lowest? Don’t know much about this kind of progressive form but at that low stance, it looked extremely cool.

このイベント唯一の賞である Long Distance賞は、北海道 千歳市からお越しの小林さん。それも青函連絡船以外 全行程自走と言うガッツに感謝です。それもトンボ帰りの強行軍、ショー終了後青森まで走る!って気合が違います。
This event had one award, the Long Distance Award, and it went to Ms Kobayashi, all the way from Chitose, Hokkaido (the northern most island of Japan) which is about 1,160km (721 miles) from Honmoku, Yokohama.

In the parking lot, there were a group of K-Cars with conversions that came to see the show.

さてMOONEYES Area-1では 突然のKawasaki KH250の来店にスキップを踏み喜びを隠し切れない
Wildman, 手には何と力道山のメルセデスを持っているではりませんか。 
Over at Area-1, an unexpected Kawasaki KH250 was parked at our store and unable to control or hide his excitement and urges, literally skipping to its side was Wildman! Is he holding a super car Mercedes or something? This guy, you have to wonder just how far he will go.

Now, when ever there’s a MOONEYES sponsored event, we have many people that lend a hand and become Helpers for the day.

その中で今年皆勤賞を狙うHelperのMOONEYES Fan。じつは彼は昔1971年Dodge Challenger それも426 Hemi Motor, しかもAT車、何でも12台しか作られなかったという超貴重なオートマ付きHemiを持っていたのですが、ちょっとした心の迷いからそれを手放ししまい心に残るのは深い後悔だけ。
Within that group, there’s a Helper that has had perfect attendance to every event this year and he’s a MOONEYES Fan. The fact is, he used to own a 1971 Dodge Challenger with a 426 Hemi Motor. Although being an AT, there were only 12 built that year – now an insanely valuable Hemi Automatic – that he used to own was reluctantly sold years ago. Not only was he hesitant to let it go, he emotions run very deep still today and obviously had heavy hearted regret.

そんな彼の前を1970 Challnegerがやって来ました。
Just then, in front of him came a 1970 Challenger.

車から目を背けるMOONEYES Fan
MOONEYES Fan deliberately looking the other direction of the car.

目を逸らしたに関わらず 後姿を見送る未練タラタラのMOONEYES Fanでした。
Although he turned the other way, MOONEYES Fan looked after it passed and drove away – with lingering regrets.

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