Last weekend was the 10th Custom Hill meeting.

The weather on this day was excellent with an unfiltered shot of Mt. Fuji.

We met up with other MOONEYES Staff that left Yokohama in the early morning and together to the event area it was GO!

A meeting place with clean and beautiful green is so perfect.

There was an excellent view of Mt. Fuji almost all day long.

農家のオジサンではありません。Deuce Factoryの笠井さんです。
That’s not a old farmer. That’s the Deuce Factory Japan’s Mr. Kasai.

搬出途中で会場を後にしたParadise Roadの下平さん・生井さん
Mr. Junichi Shimodaira & Mr. Namai of Paradise Road left early while the event was still going on.

It’s been a while for him to leave early but with his helmet on, driver Mr. Blue rushed out.

10月31日(金)、いよいよMOON Illustrated Magazine(MIM) 2号目が全国書店で発売開始となります。今回は総ページ約150、そのうちおよそ2/3が読み物、1/3はMIM1号発行以降発売された新製品と冬・春物の新製品が掲載されています。
記事内容はSouthern California取材、Wildman変態ページ、その他たくさんの内容でお届けします。 通信販売でも予約可能です。どうぞお楽しみに!
31 October (Friday) is almost here and MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) vol.2 will be available across the nation at all bookstores. This issue has a total of 150 pages and 2/3 is featured articles with 1/3 including products that were released after MIM#1 plus new products for Fall and Winter. The main focus around most of the content and featured articles is Southern California centric as well as Wildman’s Hentai page among other content.
And it’s bilingual English and Japanese!

We are now taking advace order for the catalog’s(MIM#2) release through our mail order.

We hope you enjoy MIM#2 as much as we enjoyed putting it all together.

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