あともう一歩で目的だったのにガス欠に合いレスキューされたMOONEYES Staffの相澤君、
We headed to Twin Ring MOTEGI, where Indy Japan 300 miles is held every year. MOONEYES Staff Aizawa had to be rescued within steps of our destination because he ran out of gas!

Although we were steps from our destination, the place we stopped was actually near the closed Motegi East Gate – why did he go to that side? Motegi is South or North Gates which are always open.

After getting inside, we finished filling up and safely entered the oval course area.

先週はネコ・パブリッシングの開催する土日 2Dayのイベントがあり、日曜日はVWのDrag Race、
Last week was Neko Publishing’s 2-Day event (Saturday and Sunday) with Sunday being VW Drag Races. My friend Miyazaki was participating and we went to cheer him on. He purchased the T-1 to use for parts but changed his mind and put his own engine in it to race, but it looked like a Rat.

On that day, there was a circuit race going on at the same time with some serious cars running the course. Inside there was a 904, I think, being towed.

VW周回レースでおなじみのY’s Cup主催者の佐藤君も参加、しかし彼が目の前を通過したのはこの時だけでした。どこかで何かが起こり904のようにトウされたそうですが 残念ながら目の前に二度と姿を見せませんでした。
There was a VW circuit race as well with Y’s Cup organizer Mr. Sato participating in his race car. However, he only passed by once. I think something happened on the other side and he was towed like the 904. Unfortunately, that was the only time I saw the car.

MOONEYES Area-1 マネジャー成田君のブログ「本牧スタイル」にも登場した1969年Mustang Boss 302は元気に軽快に目の前を通過してゆきました。
The 1969 Mustang BOSS 302 that has appeared on MOONEYES Area-1 manager Narita’s blog “HONMOKU STYLE” before was running real strong and nimble, passing right before my eyes.

このサンビームアルパイン or タイガー(だと思う)はなんと “MOON CAFE” のプレートを付けて下さっています。ありがとうございます!!懐かしのTV「それ行けスマート」もサンビームでした、最近映画化された「Get Smart」が公開中ですが面白いですよ。ぜひご覧下さい。
This Sunbeam Alpine or Tiger (I think) really surprised me because it had a “MOON CAFE” license plate attached to it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! The old TV show “Get Smart” had a Sunbeam. Recently made into a movie “Get Smart” is now showing and it’s very interesting. If you get the chance, you should see it.

MOON BuggyはフロントにAir Shockを入れ少々車高を下げたので 停車中の姿は最高にいい感じになりました。
There are Air Shocks on the front of the MOON Buggy and that lowered it just a little but the stance and view from the side looks perfect.

Here’s Aizawa sprinting passed the stands on the way back.

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