MOONEYES USA Xmas Party 2008

カーショーエントリーだけでも1300台以上、会場は見渡す限りHot Rod & Kustomフェンスで仕切られた横のコースではDrag Race. Show all Day and Race all Day!
まさにSouthern Californiaです。
There was forecast of rain and actually drizzled for just one moment. Had this been in Japan, it would have surely rained down as the weather looked so. After all was said and done, it just doesn’t rain in Southern California – but it was certainly cold!
I’ll take cold, cloudy days over rain. Of course, clear sunny days over anything but as long as it’s not rain, anything is OK!
Even in this weather, the number of cars and bikes that showed up for the show was unbelievable! Over 1,300 vehicles and that was just the Car show entries. The entire lot was literally overflowing the maximum capacity with Hot Rods & Kustoms on one side and a partitioned area for the drag racing. Show all Day and Race all Day!
That is Southern California.

Showの模様は今回取材出張したSteveが週末のMOONEYES Mail Magazineで詳しくお届けします。
Show details and photos will be posted this weekend in MOONEYES Mail Magazine by Steve, who was sent over by MSA.

設営の夜はFull MOONも見られ Shopには ”Gone to the show”の張り紙をだして準備OK。
The night before the show was a full MOON. We also made a sign out of cardboard to post on the gate of MOONEYES Shop with “Gone to the show” and then we were done.

当日はこんな感じの天気ですが RacerもStaging Laneで待機です。
On the day of the event the weather looked like this, while Racers lined up in the Staging Lanes early on.

日本からはKen The Flat Top、Mr.G and GohstそしてNashがエントリー、
Ken the Flat Top came from Japan and had a vendor booth as well as Mr. G and Ghost plus NASH.

カリフォルニアでJCCS and Toyota Dayを主催者する山口夫妻はBabyと見に来てくれました。
JCCS and Toyota Day event promoter in California, Mr. and Mrs. Yamaguchi came with their baby to the show.

おなじみMr. Chica and Go-kun、Jim Dunn Family、MOONEYES SwedenのHank Family
Lookin’ similar in pose was Mr. Chica and Go-kun. Jim Dunn family, Hank and family from MOONEYES Sweden were all there at the show.

どうですかClay SmithのNew Jacketです。
What do you think about Clay Smith’s New Jacket.

先日紹介したTom Family、
My buddy from college and his children came to the show, as you may recall I introduced him before, Tom and family.

From the left is Hiroshi, I blogged in the past about Jiromi, Chico was all smiles as it has been a long time.

Taking charge of the gate all by himself was Yoshi.

Drag StripをTowされるMOONEYES Dragsterから、
the MOONEYES Dragster got towed down the drag strip

The Show scene looked like this

そしてこの日用意されたひとつだけのAward、MOONEYES Pickはこの’50 Mercへ
Finally, the only award given at this show this year was the MOONEYES Pick and went to this 50 Merc.

The show went on and finish without incident, and we had dinner at “HOKKAIDO” which had been in Wildman’s prayers since leaving Japan.
Without any disputes from the other members, that’s where we went. The only reason he wanted to go was for the all-you-can-eat crab legs. Once inside, the crab legs plate was always empty! You would have to time it right or run to the table when it comes out. Getting his share of crab and eating one after another, you can see his delight.

With everyone’s help and cooperation, the show was a big success. Thank you for your hard work.

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