Xmas Party Showの翌日はChopper Fest.

MOONEYES USA Xmas Partyの翌日のSundayはLong Beach Swap MeetとVenturaでChopper Festがあります。今回はLong BeachをスキップしてChopper Festへ行ってきました。
On Sunday, a day after the MOONEYES USA Xmas Party, there was the Long Beach Swap Meet, and over in Ventura was the Chopper Fest.
We decided to skip Long Beach and head straight to Ventura for the Chopper Fest. Saturday’s weather was incredible, almost to the point of feeling envious of the people participating in the event. It was a fine day for an event.
With a lot of things planned for the day, we only stayed for about 2 hours, however each time that I come to this show I see so many bikes that I really like.

Dice Magazine ブースの前にはズラーっと並んでいます。
In front of the Dice Magazine booth were a fine row of bikes.

The main bunch of show bikes are displayed on a nice green lawn.

ChicaブースでスタックしてしまったMOONEYES Staff
One MOONEYES Staff got stuck at Chica’s booth,

and once he starts talking it’s hard to leave!
Poking his head through the window and yelling, Hey!

HCS 08に参加したMr. & Mrs. Dan Collins,
Participants in HCS 08 this year was Mr. & Mrs. Dan Collins.

Dan is currently working on this Sports.

バイクもSuperですが、後ろのEl Caminoが大変気になります。
The bike is already looking Super, but catching my eye is the El Camino behind it.

MOONEYES Mail Magazine StaffのSteve楽しくて楽しくてこの調子。
今回Jack In The Boxに寄れなかったのが心残りだったようでした。
MOONEYES Mail Magazine Staff, Steve was having such a great time, his general mood looked like this.
He had his eye on Jack in the Box but regrettably didn’t make it before leaving.

そしてこの夜はMOONEYES USAのCompany Dinnerでした。
Later that night was the MOONEYES USA Company Dinner.


Best wish for a wonderful Happy Holiday!

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