ステージでいきなり靴を脱ぎ何やら話し出すMr. Blue。本当は乾杯の発声のはずが思わず脱線、こんな調子で始まったMOONEYES Company Xmas Dinner
Mr. Blue suddenly took his shoe off and began telling some story on stage. He was initially going to make a toast, called KANPAI in Japanese, but drifted quickly off track and that was the start to our MOONEYES Company Xmas Dinner.

場所はいつものSeaman’s Club
The place was the Seaman’s Club in Yokohama,

which has very delicious food.

司会進行はKid RockerとSteve
Emcee for the evening was Kid Rocker along with Steve.

Santa Claus showed up with presents to give to all the children

and the anticipated BINGO game turned out like this.

Regardless of the frenzy, there were a few that didn’t win and sat down Japanese style up front in hopes to winning.

ビンゴ賞品に囲まれご機嫌の方々と、当たって大笑いの首のバンドエイドが気になるMOONEYES Fan。
Surrounding the Bingo prize table were happy winners as well as MOONEYES Fan, with a curious band-aid on his neck, bursting out in laughter as he finally won.

特別ゲストには、ベルギーのコブス君カップルとオランダのモリース君カップル、コブス君はEurope Bug Inの主催者の一人です。彼らはホットロッドショー前に来日し、東京、横浜を観光し、22日に沖縄から戻ってきてばかりです。
Special guests joining us for the evening were Kobus from Belgium and Maurice from The Netherlands. Kobus is one of the European Bug-In promoters. They arrived in Japan just before HCS and have been sightseeing all over Japan since. They just came back from Okinawa on the 22nd.

12月生まれの方々のHappy Birthdayのお祝いをし、
People with December birthdays came on stage and everyone sang Happy Birthday.

最後に、元Cruisin誌編集長及川氏が発行するFree Paper “Fly Wheels“の
Lastly, post-Cruisin Magazine editor-in-chief Mr. OIKAWA announced and introduced a new Free Paper called “Fly Wheels” , bringing the dinner to a close.

クリスマス終わるといよいよ Year End, 12月31日カウントダウンですね。
Today is Christmas Eve and before you know it, the end of the year.
Then it’s December 31 COUNTDOWN.

Wishing you a very Merry Xmas!!

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