MOON Cafe’s MOON Tower Burger / ハンバーガー

Cruisin’最新号の裏表紙にCruisin’誌 初のハンバーガーの広告。
It’s the first time for Cruisin Magazine to have a hamburger ad on their back cover of the latest issue of Cruisin! It looks incredibly tasty too!
Well, today I will take you behind the scenes and show the process of how it was created.

MOON Cafeの看板メニューのハンバーガーのTopに君臨するMOON Tower Burger(MTB), 高さは15cm位あり、肉は何と1ポンド(約500g)。Dean MOON Burgerに使うパテを4枚ですから凄いボリュームです。そのMTBを広告に出す為には まず写真を取らなければいけません。

Reigning at the top of all hamburgers on the main menu at MOON Cafe is the MOON Tower Burger (MTB). It has a height of about 15cm (6 inches) and the meat along is about 1 pound (500g) using 4 Dean MOON Burger patties, so it has quite the volume. In order to advertise the MTB, the first thing that will be needed is the right photo.

ここで登場するのがMOON Space Agence(MSA-広告部)のPan君。
彼はMOON Cafe関連の仕事が大好きです。なぜならば彼は何と撮影で使った物は全部彼の胃袋に入ってしまう仕組みを作り上げたのです。写真を撮る、そして食べる、このパターンです。ですからお腹がすくとCafeの仕事を無理やり作り何か作ってもらい、撮影し、食べているので こんなに体がパンパンになってしまったのでPan君と呼ばれるようにもなりました。
That’s where we bring in, from the MOON Space Agency (MSA Advertising Department), staff member Pan. He loves to handle all the MOON Cafe advertising work. The reason is, he has inside connections so everything that’s made and used for the photo shoot ultimately ends up in his stomach. Take a picture, then eat it, that’s his pattern. So when he gets hungry, he forcibly gets work from the Cafe, takes pictures, then eats. That why his body is “PAN-PAN”, a term in Japan meaning “about to burst”. Pan is also his nickname.

After the MTB photo shoot, thinking everything was fine, he came up with a reason about something not being right about the first MTB (it was obvious that he wanted to eat two!). After ordering the second MTB and taking a second round of photos, it was discovered that the remaining MTB from the first order was still on his desk.

この時はまだかなりガッついていましたがMTBのボリュームにさすがにPan君もギブアップ。取っておいた2個目は、さめきってしまったにも関わらず近くに座り ずーとその2個目の行方を気にしていたGaku君に譲ったのでした。
At the time, he looked like he wanted to keep it all but the MTB volume was just too much even for Pan, so he gave up. However, the whole time, another staff member, Gaku, was monitoring the whereabouts of the second MTB and eventually, it was turned over to his hands.

こんな大食漢のPan君でも2つは食べれないMOON Tower Burgerに挑戦してみませんか?
MOON Cafeでお待ちしています。
Even a big eater like Pan couldn’t get to the second MOON Tower Burger. Would you like to take the challenge?
If you are interested in the price for this burger, it’s 3,675 yen with tax.
It will be waiting for you at MOON Cafe.

え? 何 「仕事だから仕方ないだって」
The MTB sitting on the plate in this image was put together today for this blog post. So he’s eating another one today.
What’s that? “It’s part of my job” ?

ドラッグレースが富士で!Drag Race at Fuji Int’l Speedway

今年のSuper American Festival(aka SAF)/スーパーアメリカン フェステイバル 通称”アメフェス”で 久しぶりにDrag Raceが開催される事になった言う情報が入って来た!

素晴らしい! いったい何年振り?3-4年振り?はっきりは覚えていませんがついに主催者の思いが届いたのですね。物事強く思い続ければ叶えられる事もあると言う事です。立派です。

It has been a long time, but information has been announced that this year’s Super American Festival (aka “SAF”) will feature Drag Races at Fuji International Speedway!

This is wonderful news! How many years has it been? At least 3-4 years? I don’t remember exactly but finally the wishes of the promoters have been granted.

When you hope and wish strongly enough, things do come true. This is great.

Drag Raceと言えば1977年7月に米軍立川基地飛行場が閉鎖になり、日本でのDrag Raceは休息期間に入りましたが、翌1978年に富士スピードウエイで開催されたのがこのレース、参加台数が多すぎて3台で走ると言う珍レースだったらしい。と言うのはこの時代僕は居なかったので良く知りません。

Speaking of Drag Races in Japan, it was in July 1977 when Tachikawa Air Base in Tokyo had closed. Drag Race in Japan was kinda dead. The following year in 1978, drag races were held at Fuji Speedway and there were so many participants that three cars raced each time.

I wasn’t in Japan during that time so I don’t know the full details.

これらはBlue MaxのDaigoが送ってくれた写真なんです。富士山が綺麗ですね。


This was a photo sent to me from my friend in Japan. Mt. Fuji looks beautiful.
I can’t recall Fuji Speedway ever having this kind of weather.

PS: For information about this year’s SAF, please ask one of the promoters for details.

Dean MOON, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and me.

昔々Ed “Big Daddy” Rothと夕食を取っていたある晩、「明日出かけるから一緒に行こう」と誘われ、行った先がMr. Joe “The Kustom” Morenoってオヤジの家。
A long time ago, one night when having dinner with Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, he said, “I’m going out tomorrow so why don’t you come with me.”
He invited me to Mr. Joe “The Kustom” Moreno’s ranch house.

彼の大きな家でコレクション等を色々見せてもらい、Joeから「これ」って渡されたのが、僕はガン、Big Daddyはマシンガン(どちらももちろんオモチャ)。

僕はまだ30代、Big Daddyも50代、若かった!
His place with all kinds of collections and things to look at. Joe was like, “Here,” and tossed me a gun and Big Daddy a machine gun (both, of course, were toys) and took us outside and had us pose like Bonnie and Clyde. This is the photo, I was in my 30s and Big Daddy was in his 50s, we were so young!

こっちの写真はDean MOONとSan Diegoへ買い物に行った時、途中のGas Stationで道を聞くDean。
Deanが何を買いに行ったのかは覚えていないけど 僕の用事にも付き合ってくれた1986年当時の写真。
This is a photo in 1986 of Dean MOON stopped at a gas station to ask directions in San Diego to buy something. I don’t remember what Dean was going to buy but we did a lot of things together back then.
These are both great memories.


Seaman’s ClubでCamshaftersの会食がありました。
The Camshafters had dinner together at the Seaman’s Club.

上座に座るMr. Blueのこの堂々たる風格、Camshaftersの今後も この男を見る限り安泰そうです。
The grand appearance of Mr. Blue in the seat of honor, from now on Camshafters will look at this man for stability.
Apparently, he is making plans for another “SAKURA” car show this year.

Mr. Blue、余程時間が余っているのか、最近毎日ブログを更新しているので、今回のCamshaftersの件も先を越されてしまいました。
It might be from having a lot of extra time on his hands but Mr. Blue has recently been posting daily updates on his blog. In fact, he’s already posted about the Camshafters meeting.
I wonder just how long will this “daily update” continue.

Before dinner, a “Shrimp Cocktail” was served as an appetizer which had a nostalgic aroma of the Showa era (mid-century Japan).

That’s when I realized how much the white on all the member’s heads stand out, being 40s and 50s it starts to feel good.


MOONEYES USAのMachine Shopの中です。
使っている機械はすべて古い物です。Computerで動く物は一つもありません。Machine Shopで一番新しいテクノロジーはプッシュボタン式電話です。
Inside the MOONEYES USA Machine Shop.
The machines that are used are all old. There are no computers connected or running the machines. The newest technology being used in the Machine Shop is the push-button telephone.

Machine Shopの全景です
Wide angle view of the Machine Shop

Machine Shop内のポスター
Poster hanging in the Machine Shop

Bill Jenks working his magic on a Camshaft. Of course, every grind he executes is a freehand masterpiece.

All sorts of name plate stickers are filed here for finished products.

Final Touchを待つChopper Oil Tankです
Chopper Oil Tanks waiting for Final Touches.

ズラリと並んだEmergency Fuel Tank です。
Lined up in a row are Emergency Fuel tanks.

Weber Side Draft用インテークはこれから始まります
Weber Side Draft type intakes on deck waiting to start.

これはMOON DiscsやMOON Tankを作るためのSpining Machineです。日本では「シボリ」と呼ばれていますね。今MachineにセットされているのはMOON Discを作る出すための金型です。
This is the Spinning Machine which is used to make MOON Discs and MOON Tanks. In Japan, the process is called “Shibori”. Right now, the machine is setup with a metal mold for making MOON Discs and the rods and dies are used for shaping.

長い2台はエンジン旋盤機で、1台はMOON TANKのボディーを 「SUN RAY」加工したり、カムシャフトを「トルーイング」加工するために使います。もう1台は、バングなどを加工するのに使うものです。
2 long ones are engine lathe and one we use to sun ray tank bodies and camshaft trueing. other we use to machine parts such as bungs,.

壁側に並んでいる2台のマシーンは 「ブリッジ・ポート ミリング マシーン」といって、 ボール盤の基本機能に加えて、アングルをつけてドリルしたり、表面を削るなどができるものです。
2 against wall are bridge port milling machine. it’s like drill press, but with more functions and angles to drill or cut surface.

今日はFinlandからPinstriperのPekkaが立ち寄ってくれたので、Dean MOON Jr.がShopツアーをしてくれました。
A Pinstriper from Finland named Pekka stopped by for short visit today. Dean MOON Jr. gave him a shop tour. Whenever you visit the Mooneyes USA and you are interested in the shop, please ask one of the staff for a tour.


My daily morning commute. The roads are empty like New Year’s time.

あんまり空いているので スピードが70キロも出ていました。
It gets so empty that I can reach speeds above 70 km/h (about 45 mph).
Although I didn’t realize that until I saw this picture…

Even in front of Yamashita Park is quiet.

HCS 2008 DVDが間もなく発売開始です。
HCS 2008 DVD is almost ready to go on sale.
Until the DVD is available, please view the demo-reel.

Hawaii へ行った TOYOTA Crown Hard Top

Big Island of Hawaii へ渡った1970 Toyota Crown H/T。
遂にHawaii License Plateが付きました。
The 1970 Toyota Crown H/T that was sent over to the Big Island of Hawaii finally got a Hawaii License Plate.

It totally doesn’t look like the same car anymore.

Not as severe as the cold, the warm climate and the environment has an impact on living conditions.

CROWN Classics Report

そのHawaiiですが、新聞によれば1997年に220万人を記録したHawaiiへの日本人観光客は、2007年には130万人に減ってしまい「日本人の心、Hawaii離れ、あこがれの島 今は昔」との事です。
Also in Hawaii, according to a newspaper, in 1997 the number of Japanese tourists was recorded at 2,200,000 compared a declined amount of 1,300,000 in 2007.


先週のブログで紹介したBlue Maxのオーナー、中村大悟 通称「ダイゴ」
In last weeks blog entry I introduced the owner of Blue Max, Mr. Daigo Nakamura aka DAIGO. He is also famous for the cover artwork he did for Daytona magazine. Well, that DAIGO, sadly, passed away unexpectedly last month.

MOON Discの発売も最初はBlue Maxだった。
We knew each other since my first year in middle school and in fact,
Blue Max was the first to carry MOON Discs from us.

[1984年頃 初めて出した広告。6ヶ月出して予算の都合中止。]
[This was the first advertisement of MOON Discs released around 1984.
It was used for about six months then stopped because of financial situation.]

I miss him very much.