Dean MOON, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and me.

昔々Ed “Big Daddy” Rothと夕食を取っていたある晩、「明日出かけるから一緒に行こう」と誘われ、行った先がMr. Joe “The Kustom” Morenoってオヤジの家。
A long time ago, one night when having dinner with Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, he said, “I’m going out tomorrow so why don’t you come with me.”
He invited me to Mr. Joe “The Kustom” Moreno’s ranch house.

彼の大きな家でコレクション等を色々見せてもらい、Joeから「これ」って渡されたのが、僕はガン、Big Daddyはマシンガン(どちらももちろんオモチャ)。

僕はまだ30代、Big Daddyも50代、若かった!
His place with all kinds of collections and things to look at. Joe was like, “Here,” and tossed me a gun and Big Daddy a machine gun (both, of course, were toys) and took us outside and had us pose like Bonnie and Clyde. This is the photo, I was in my 30s and Big Daddy was in his 50s, we were so young!

こっちの写真はDean MOONとSan Diegoへ買い物に行った時、途中のGas Stationで道を聞くDean。
Deanが何を買いに行ったのかは覚えていないけど 僕の用事にも付き合ってくれた1986年当時の写真。
This is a photo in 1986 of Dean MOON stopped at a gas station to ask directions in San Diego to buy something. I don’t remember what Dean was going to buy but we did a lot of things together back then.
These are both great memories.

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