ドラッグレースが富士で!Drag Race at Fuji Int’l Speedway

今年のSuper American Festival(aka SAF)/スーパーアメリカン フェステイバル 通称”アメフェス”で 久しぶりにDrag Raceが開催される事になった言う情報が入って来た!

素晴らしい! いったい何年振り?3-4年振り?はっきりは覚えていませんがついに主催者の思いが届いたのですね。物事強く思い続ければ叶えられる事もあると言う事です。立派です。

It has been a long time, but information has been announced that this year’s Super American Festival (aka “SAF”) will feature Drag Races at Fuji International Speedway!

This is wonderful news! How many years has it been? At least 3-4 years? I don’t remember exactly but finally the wishes of the promoters have been granted.

When you hope and wish strongly enough, things do come true. This is great.

Drag Raceと言えば1977年7月に米軍立川基地飛行場が閉鎖になり、日本でのDrag Raceは休息期間に入りましたが、翌1978年に富士スピードウエイで開催されたのがこのレース、参加台数が多すぎて3台で走ると言う珍レースだったらしい。と言うのはこの時代僕は居なかったので良く知りません。

Speaking of Drag Races in Japan, it was in July 1977 when Tachikawa Air Base in Tokyo had closed. Drag Race in Japan was kinda dead. The following year in 1978, drag races were held at Fuji Speedway and there were so many participants that three cars raced each time.

I wasn’t in Japan during that time so I don’t know the full details.

これらはBlue MaxのDaigoが送ってくれた写真なんです。富士山が綺麗ですね。


This was a photo sent to me from my friend in Japan. Mt. Fuji looks beautiful.
I can’t recall Fuji Speedway ever having this kind of weather.

PS: For information about this year’s SAF, please ask one of the promoters for details.

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